West End B lead way

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

In Divisions One and Two of the Boston and District Bowls League’s Two Wood League the rain meant there was no play this week.

The Three Wood League’s 12-player Division One sees Boston West End B lead the way following wins against Sibsey by 78-56 (11-1) and at Wigtoft by 74-61 (10-2).

Boston Bowls Clubs and Burton House are one point behind and Kirton are in fourth place.

BBC beat Woodhall Spa Town by 94-54 (10-2) and also beat Sibsey by 74-57 (10-2).

Burton House beat Sleaford Road by 88-50 (12-0) and also beat Kirton by 62-55 (8-4).

Other results in this division saw Sleaford Road winning against Castle by 76-51 (12-0) and Woodhall Spa Town A losing against Kirton by 55-72 (0-12).

In the 12 player Division Two, Forbes Road are in front with 15 points following their home win against Goodfellowship by 70-57 (10-2), and a close defeat at the hands of Freiston by 63-67 (5-7).

Goodfellowship have 14 points after their home win against Swineshead by 86-47 (12-0).

Other results in the first two weeks are Jubilee Park’s win against Woodhall Spa Town B by 84-56 (11-1).

There has been just one game played by each club in the nine-player Division One so far, and Friskney are ahead on 10 points.

The results saw Freiston A losing at home against Friskney by 37-52 (0-10), Goodfellowship beating Freiston B by 60-52 (6-4) and Stickney losing at home by 38-58 (2-8)

In Division Two, each club has played one match and Wigtoft lead with nine points.

Results saw Donington winning against Forbes Road by 56-32 (8-2), Kirton A beating Sibsey by 69-36 (8-2) and Wigtoft beating Kirton b by 67-53 (9-1).