West End put on a show in the Jubilee Cup

Cup action dominated the proceedings in the Coningsby and District Bowls League this week

Jubilee Cup

WRANGLE B, the highest of two teams relegated from Division Two last season, and playing in the gap left by Stickney, lost out to West End A from DivisionTwo.

Despite a good rink win they went down 52-46.

Division Two side Wrangle A struggled at home to Division One Forbes Road A, losing 32-76.

Powell Trophy

WIGTOFT had a good win against Horncastle, with each rink winning with shots to spare to give a 56-30 result.

Two good rink wins by away side BBC II at Donington A was enough to progress 41-54.

A close game at Heckington saw Freiston B just making it 48-50.

Division One

FREISTON A won two rinks by just one shot at Sibsey Millers - but their hosts earned the aggregate points and a draw as Dave Bridges, Ivor Brown and Phil Stubley won by three for a 4-4 (51-50) score.

A 25-9 win for L. Bowser, G. and T. Wells of Castle was not quite enough to take the aggregate and Jubilee Park won on the other two to draw the match 4-4 (57-49).

West End B have earned two good home victories - beating Sleaford Road 5-3 (55-42) and Forbes Rd A 8-0 (77-31).

Division Two

A CLOSE result at West End A saw Good Fellowship earn two rink wins to succeed 2-6 (46-47).

Woodhall Town won on all three at home to West End A, the final score being 8-0 (67-40).

The rinks in the Billinghay versus Stickney game were closer than the final points result shows.

However, Billinghay won on all three to give an 8-0 (63-42) finish

A high-scoring game at Friskney saw the home side winning on two with shots to spare - but with Wrangle A replying similarly on the third the final score was 6-2 (74-43) result.

Division Three

THERE was plenty of water about in the woods at Woodhall Spa, but the green played well and Sibsey Strollers took full advantage, winning on all three against the Nymphs in the 0-8 (36-62) result.

A rink win each at BBC I saw G. Parker, M. Goninge and P. Copeland winning 8-47 in the third decider to give a 2-6 (47-80) result for Kirton.

Burton House won well on all three in their match at home to Donington, giving the home side an 8-0 (71-35) result.

A close rink win each in the Wrangle B versus BBC II saw Wrangle take the decider to win 6-2 (57-38).

Division Four

SIBSEY Traders climbed off the bottom of the table with a resounding 8-0 (63-37) result at home to Forbes Road B.

Each rink was equally well won with shots to spare.

Wigtoft played very well at Bicker as they were one player short and still managed a 2-6 (58-64) result.

Division Five

TWO good wins for the Kirton B rinks helped them beat Boston Park 2-6 (36-67).