Wheelers take Britvic Trophy

BOSTON Wheelers came out on top as they competed against Alford.

Twenty-eight riders from Boston and Alford Wheelers contested the annual inter-club 18-mile Hilly Time Trial on Sunday.

Despite the bitter cold and heavier rainfall, most of the competitors managed to record some good times, with several off them improving on last year’s efforts.

The first four fastest times were all Boston members which meant the club won the the Britvic Trophy.

Results: Asa Elkington BW 43.50 (fixed), Craig Thursby BW 44.24, Darren Smith BW 46.03, Martin White BW 46.22, M. Bembridge AW 46.37, T. Kingswood BW 47.39, D. Carr BW 48.44, S. Plaice BW 49.05, C. Porter BW 50.26, R. Tholmes AW 51.38, M. Pell AW 51.57, B. Foxwell AW 52.54, I. Scott BW 53.31, P. Ripley AW 53.47, J. Needham AW 53.58, J. Ashworth AW 54.12, D. Grayson BW 55.03, D. Barnett BW 55.06, B. Thomas AW 55.09, P. Flint BW 55.55, S. Bryan AW 56.51, S. Price RAF 57.18, A. Sharpe BW 60.30, C. Clayton PT 62.27, S. Waulmsley AW 66.22, A. Den Harthog BW, P. Boswell AW, E. Kaye AW - DNF, puncture.

The club is holding a come-and-try-it time trial evening on May 1. For further information, call Alan Sharpe on 07534405123.