Wilson is ready for friendly rivalry

Ben Wilson (left) and Glenn Irwin.
Ben Wilson (left) and Glenn Irwin.

Ben Wilson believes that he and his Gearlink Kawasaki teammate Glenn Irwin will both be competing for the honours in the British Supersport series this year.

And he says that it is a challenge he will be relishing.

After a frustrating 2014 in the Bristish Superbikes, the Kirton rider has returned to his favoured stamping ground.

He says he is going all out to win the title, but expects that teammate Irwin will be among those pushing him all the way.

Although the two remain good friends off the track, Wilson says that both will be competitive in their quests for glory.

“Fingers crossed I can do well this year,” he said.

“Glenn’s my teammate, but as soon as those helmest are on and we’re out there he’s the same as every other rider.

“He’ll want to win just as much as I will.

“You always want to get back knowing you’ve beaten your teammate.”

But Wilson is quick to point out that the two Gearlink riders will compete with one another fairly.

“There’s a respect between the two of us,” he told The Standard.

“If he’s in front I’ll do what I can to get past him because I know that if he’s behind me he’ll be thinking exactly the same.

“He’s a hard rider and I’m a hard rider, but we’re both fair.”

The Supersport Championship will begin at Donington Park on April 4.

Pictured are Gearlink Kawasaki teammates Wilson (left) and Northern Irishman Irwin.