Wolf pack’s trail of board destruction

Taekwondo action from the event.
Taekwondo action from the event.

Boston’s Lone Wolf Taekwondo have held their fourth annual club competition.

This year six members of Sleaford-based Lincs Tkd also took part at the Middlecott Sports Centre, Kirton.

The competition was for all ages and the youngest lad taking part was Shakeel Taylor, who is just five years old.

Almost 30 students competed in the event, which is an ideal introduction into competitive martial arts.

Junior students competed in patterns, sparring and special technique divisions.

The adult also took part in a destruction event - the winner being the person who can break the most boards.

On May 25, Lone Wolf Taekwondo will be holding a free open day at the Trinity Centre, Spilsby Road (12-5pm), with trial lessons, displays.

For details on the event or classes, call Robin Ford on 0800 5666 8814.