Woodhall miss out against Spa-rring partners Castle

LATEST Coningsby Bowls League round-up

Division One

CASTLE did well at Woodhall to win 34-62 (0-8).

Forbes Road A did well to win on all three against Friskney, winning 57-43 (8-0).

West End B won a rink by one shot at Mareham, but the home side showed a return to form to win 52-42 (6-2).

Division Two

A CLOSE game at Jubilee Park saw visitors Billinghay winning 53-55 (2-6).

Freiston A maintained their challenge with a 60-41 (8-0) win at home to Wrangle B.

Mixed results in the Sibsey Strollers versus Jubilee Park game finished at 49-62 (4-4).

The derby at Wrangle was close, with the A side just winning on all three to take the points in a 54-49 (8-0) finish.

Billinghay made no mistake at home to West End , succeeding 60-43 (8-0).

Good Fellowship went down on two close rinks at home to Freiston A, losing 47-58 (0-8) overall.

Division Three

STICKNEY came up against in-form at Kirton, with the A team winning well on two to give a 55-46 (6-2) finish.

They did better away to West Skirbeck, winning well 46-63 (2-6).

BBC I did well to play away to West Skirbeck as they were three men short, being beaten 81-39 (8-0).

Frieston won one of three close rinks at home to Kirton A, but lost 43-52 (2-6).

Burton House won at home to BBC I 65-28 (8-0).

Division Four

SWINESHEAD won well on all three at Wigtoft, taking the game 45-65 (0-8).

Division Five

KIRTON B did well away to Friskney, winning well on one rink but losing the other and the game 58-43 (6-2).