Young athletes impress at the B-Hive

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Young athletes produced some improved performances at the second of this season’s Boston and District Athletic Club junior track and field matches at the B-Hive Athletics Centre.

In the under 13 section, Matthew Millington won five of the six events, taking first places in events including the three-lap race (36.4 secs) six-lap (1 min 20 secs), high jump (1.00m), long jump (3.04m).

In the girls’ category, Mia Bernardis produced a 4.90m leap to win the standing triple jump, cleared 1.00m in high jump and clocked 38.4 secs at the finish of the three-lap race.

Alena Osborne also went over the high jump bar at 1m and putt the shot 4.29m in addition to recording 1 min 26secs for the six-lap challenge.

At under 11 level, Joshua Gurton prevailed in both the two-lap (23.0 secs) and six-lap (1 min 19 secs) events and produced an impressive 7.78m to win the shot competition.

Joshua also did well in the jumps, clearing 1m in high jump, 4.89m in standing triple jump and 3.23m in long jump.

Hallam Bedford cleared 90cm in high jump and finished second in both long jump (2.88m) and the two-lap race (23.9 secs).

Jake Baxter claimed runners-up place in the standing triple jump (4.88m) and the six-lap race (1 min 21 secs).

Jamie Westland went over 90cm in high jump and putt the shot 6.63m.

In the girls’ section, Tuula Sohngen was first over the two-laps race, finishing in 25.7secs, and also achieved 4.05m in the standing triple jump.

Shannon Hewitt went over 90cm in high jump and completed the six-lap race in 1 min34 secs.

A six-lap time of 1 min 23 secs for Lucy Raywood preceded a clearance of 90cm in high jump.

Hallie Raywood recorded 1.58m in long jump.

In the under nine category, Lyle Burrell-Kenny secured victories in the two-lap race, recording 27.1secs, and the four-lap challenge, clocking a very promising 56.1secs, and cleared 3.64m in the standing triple jump and 80cm in high jump.

Charlotte Kirk was second in the two-lap event (27.4 secs) and the four-lap race (59.2 secs) and cleared 2.88m in standing triple jump.

She added 70cm in high jump and Hollie Baxter achieved 90cm in high jump.

Georgia Ward’s best results were achieved in shot (4.83m) and long jump (1.93m).

Hollie Baxter cleared 90cm in high jump.

For the boys, Charlie Webster was first in four events, winning the two-laps (24.0 secs), four-laps (52.1 secs), shot (7.84m) and standing triple jump (4.91m) and claimed second position in long jump (2.77m).

Hadley Bedford won the long jump (2.82m) and was runner-up over four-laps (55.2 secs), two-laps (25.2 secs) and in the standing triple jump (4.35m), as well as clearing 90cm in the high jump.

A putt of 5.78m in shot earned Leo Gurton second place.

Under seven Elliot Kirk recorded 2.48m in standing triple jump and completed four laps in 1 min 10 secs.