Youngsters compete well in sportshall athletics

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Eighteen youngsters represented Lincolnshire in the East Midlands Regional Sportshall Athletics Championships.

Competing at at Grantham, the county team finished fourth in all but one of the six age groups.

Results highlights:

Under 15 girls: Laura Van Lier - 3rd speed bounce (78), 5th two-lap race (24.5secs), sixth overall; Hermione Wright - 7th four-lap (54 secs PB), 8th standing long jump (2.02m), 11th speed bounce (65), 21st overall; Sophie Reader - two-lap (25.6 secs PB).

Under 15 boys: Blake Garwell - 5th speed bounce (69), 8th four-lap (51.1 PB), 9th standing triple jump (6.16m PB), 16th overall; Thomas Johnson - shot 4th (9.18m PB), 9th two-lap (25.1 secs PB), 11th standing triple jump (5.78m), 17th overall; Blake & Thomas - 3rd eight-lap paarlauf; Kieran Pickwell - 5th standing long jump (2.24m PB), 8th two-lap (24.7secs), 12th shot (6.32m PB, 18th overall; Matthew Connelly - 8th speed bounce (63), 10th standing long jump (1.86m), four laps (52.3 secs), 18th overall; William Swain - 8th shot (8.83m PB), 10th standing long jump (6.14m), 10th four-lap (52.5 secs PB), 20th overall; Kieran, Matthew & William - 3rd 4xtwo-lap relay; Jack Sill - standing long jump (1.92m).

Under 13 girls: Lucy Gedney - 8th shot (5.84m).

Under 13 boys: Daniel Bradshaw 1st vertical jump (52cm), 7th four-lap (53.2 secs PB); Kieran Duncan-Johal - 3rd four-lap (52.3 secs PB), 4th speed bounce (68); William Wright - 8th six-lap (1 min 34.1 secs), standing long jump (4.94m); Kieiran & William - 4th eight-lap paarlauf; Joseph McGarel - 5th vertical jump (44cm PB), 6th two-lap (26.7 secs PB); Ronald Kieslev - 6th standing long jump (5.56m); Krils Musterman - 6th shot (6.35m); 7th Harry Hopkins - standing long jump (1.42m).

Under 11 girls: Macey Andrews - 5th target throw (2), 12th standing long jump (1.60m).