Norway combat victory

James Brown.
James Brown.

Rising kickboxing talent James Brown helped an England team claim an international victory in Norway.

Brown, who trains at the TKMA martial arts club, and his coach Andy Melton were part of a six-strong entourage from Lincolnshire, who crossed the North Sea to fight in Bergen, along with Lincoln’s Kez Adams, Jason Glanville, Michael Buckthorpe and Grzes Walek.

With England 1-0 up, Brown was second into action - and wasted no time in doubling the team’s advantage by defeating the tough Ovind Godvik with the best individual performance of the night.

Godvik started the fight very aggressively, trying to force Brown on the the ropes and land some big right hands.

But he was met by some great rear-leg roundhouse kicks from the Boston fighter.

In the second round Brown really came into his own as he grew in confidence.

He unleashed some eyecatching combinations, most notably a jab, lead uppercut and straight round combo and the beautifully-executed jumping, spinning roundhouse kick which landed flush on the jaw of Godvik, sending him staggering across the ring.

Brown followed this straight up with a flurry and punches, leaving referee Trevor Ambrose no choice but to jump in and give Godvik a count.

The third round was more of the same, with Brown forcing the pace and landing some great kicks to the head and body of Godvik.

The England team claimed a 3-2 victory on the night.