A sixth place finish at the Euros

Kuk Sool Won Boston competitors were in action at the Euros.
Kuk Sool Won Boston competitors were in action at the Euros.

Sixty students from Kuk Sool Won Boston travelled to Norwich Sports Park to participate in the European Championships.

Adult black belts competed last Friday evening and then helped judge on the Saturday, when everyone else was in action.

With nearly 900 competitors from all over Europe, the Boston school came joint sixth overall in the school placing.

This is a fantastic result as the school does not focus on tournament but the traditional aspect of the art.

The school is now open five nights a week with a new daytime class starting on Friday’s (1.30pm-3pm).

For more details contact the club via kuksoolwonboston@gmail.com

The Boston competitors were: Black belt and above - Marian Meggat, Arjan Boyall (bronze spear), Sarah Scoltock (gold sparring), Bradan McNulty (gold breaking), Bob Bryan (copper sword), Rodrigo Quevedo, Edan Bryan (gold sparring), Finlay Bryan (copper sparring), Summer Bryan, Zac Hudson (copper forms), Shayla Johnson, Javier Quevedo, Jose Quevedo, Jessica Scufham (copper sparring), Andzrej Tomaskyk, Gary Wright (gold forms, bronze techniques, gold sparring), Keegan Wright, Rebecca Howard (bronze staff), Okasha Dar (silver sparring), Paul Carter (copper forms, hold sparring); Under black belt - Nikita Anand (copper staff), Zaid Gatta (copper staff), Kian Imeraj (silver forms, bronze techniques), Leiton Imeraj (gold dorms, gold techniques), Annabelle Ross (copper sparring), Anvita Waykar (bronze staff), Sarah Scuffham, Drew Taylor (copper forms), Jessica Dickson, George Kirbey (bronze forms, copper techniques, gold sparring), Benjamin Smith (copper forms and techniques, bronze sparring), Charlie Stevens, Harry Stevens (copper techniques, gold sparring), Ruby Wright (bronze techniques and sparring), Aashir Dar (copper techniques, silver sparring), Arsh Bhagat (bronze sparring), Akshaj Bhagat (gold forms, silver techniques), Lara Bolland Torres (silver techniques, copper sparring), Sherrianne Canty (bronze form and texhniques, copper sparring), Lauren Carter, Reece Cherian (silver sparring), Royce Cherian (silver techniques, gold sparring), Jersey Ekins, David Merezha (bronze forms and techniques), Michael Parangalan (silver forms techniques and sparring), Mikayla Parangalan, Lolita Astatova (copper forms and techniques), Joshua Carter (silver forms, copper bronze techniques), Danveer Dehal (copper sparring), Lucas Devaney (copper sparring), Stephanie Dow (bronze sparring), Victoria Dow, Rihanna Fitzsimmons (copper techniques, gold sparring), Kassandra Giermak (copper forms, silver sparring), Jegor Jakovlev (copper techniques), Lyla Needham (copper forms, techniques and sparring), Holly Jo Starling (bronze sparring), Terry Unwin (bronze sparring), Nicholas Zelazowski (copper forms and techniques).