A40 claim a maximum as leaders drop bowls league points

Sue Hoyles.
Sue Hoyles.

Di Wilson rounds up this week;s Boston Indoor Bowls League action...

A40 were the only team to secure maximum points in the Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League this week.

Royal Mail, Holland Fen and Jolly Farmers came close but fell one point short of the maximum.

Matched against promoted Parthians, who are still finding their feet in the higher division, A40 were in overdrive as Jake Hewinson, Mark Freemantle and Arnold Bennett won 17-13 and Pauline Richardson succeeded 23-16.

The Farmers beat Punchbowlers as Sue Hoyles won 22-11 and David Allen tied 14-14 with Ian Drury.

One shot separated Holland Fen and Strollers after 38 ends played. At 17 ends played on both rinks, Strollers had the five points on the table, but the Fenmen finished strongly, scoring nine shots to three. Eric Dilnot tied with Tony Beck and Jim Gott won 18-17 for the Fenmen.

Royal Mail met Red 5, Jo Sharp, Jill Smith and Keith Sharp finishing 17-17 with Red’s Ian Smith while Barbara Kenny, Ted Bloodworth and Geoff Taylor won the extra points (20-13).

The top two had to be satisfied with four points each.

Leaders Carlton Road beat fourth-placed Invaders as Les Feary fell to Pete Hoyles, Adam Hodgson and Ian Tebbs (15-17) but Martin Tomlin’s rink won 20-13.

Eastenders, in second, met an in-form IBC. Dennis Ellis, Tony Powell and Richard White beat Liam Reeson, Louise Catchpole and Paul Flatters (14-22), so the Enders had to rely on Richard Vinter to secure the aggregate points (24-12).

In the T&B Containers Division Two, the top two maintained their positions with solid results.

Leaders Cosmos beat Breakaways as Bob Thompson won 20-16 and Andrew Dunnington tied 16-16 with Derek Butwright.

Nomads won four points against Vikings when Ken Burr triumphed 28-12.

Dynamics put in a good performance against Poachers to win all the points, skips Graham Wilkinson and Jonathan West with wins of 22-16 and 33-5.

Feathers are on the slippery slope in the lower regions of the table and, matched against Boston Park, they failed to pick up a point. Tony Hill won 19-9 and Clare Britchford succeeded 23-15.

Golfers moved up to third in the table with a convincing win against Autos. Ron Hulley, Norman Ablard and Roy Vinter finished strongly to win 20-12 and Barrie Williamson, Mick Nundy and Graham Scarboro triumphed 22-10.

In the Cammacks Division Three, top team the Burtons saw off the challenge of the Saxons with wins of 16-8 and 23-11 for skips Dave Bailey and Chris Hill.

Amateurs shared the rink points with Bias but won the aggregate points thanks to Dave Coulson, Eileen Favell and Mick Greet (32-6).

Central and Shipmates shared the rink points, but Shipmates gathered the additional points thanks to William Parker. His 23-10 covered the reply from Brian Hunn (17-22).

Hotspurs did really well to win twpoints from their game against o third-placed Fairways, who are yet to lose. Doing the damage for Hotspurs were Ken Brown, Pete Exton and Mick Carr (12-13).

The lion’s share of the points went to Carol Nundy (24-12).

Phoenix versus the Phantoms saw the former clinch all the points. Sheila Collingwood, Tony Collingwood and Gordon Neal won 22-8 and Lyn Limb, Roger Limb and Simon Sperring were successful 20-6.