A40 push leaders Enders all the way

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Leaders Eastenders looked like they had put a strong team out to face A40 in the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Orthotics Foot Care Ltd Division One.

However, A40 were not to be overcome. Adrian Field, Matt Whyers and Richard Vinter were 9-7 ahead at end 12, looking like they were going to maintain the advantage, but Mark Freemantle’s team dug in to win 14-10.

Keith Tointon, Louise Catchpole and Paul Flatters were given a tough time by Arnold Bennett, eventually winning 19-15 to secure a 3-3 draw.

Second-place Carlton Road closed the gap when they secured all six points from Jolly Farmers, with winning scores of 20-18 and 25-10.

Holland Fen had the upper hand against IBC, Jim Gott and Tony Powell tied 21-21 and Ron Flowers won 35-7.

Norprint would be very happy to take all six points from Strollers as maximum points have been hard to come by this season.

Melvyn Pack, Ted Bloodworth and Tony Hall hung on to win 15-13 and Barbara Kenny, Geoff Taylor and Dick Vinter scored 12 shots to one in reply to win 19-15.

Fourth-place Invaders consolidated their position when they won on both rinks against Royal Mail.

Nathan Dunnington, Pete Hoyles and Ian Tebbs held on for a 19-15 success while Adam Hodgeson, Sandra Tebbs and Scott Whyers were never behind and won 18-15.

Red 5 have found it hard going in their first season in the top division. Against a good Punchbowlers team they fell on both rinks, Dave Peacock, Bunny Reeson and Dave Gill triumphing 29-7 and Terry Dawson, Jeff Skelton and Ian Drury winning 18-14.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, second-place Breakaways nearly lost the aggregate points to second-bottom Vikings.

For Vikings, Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and Keith Stones beat Jo Dowse, Lorraine Stevens and Derek Butwright 15-23, but it wasn’t enough as Jan Currie, Ann Jackson and Gordon Gallichan replied 22-12.

Golfers’ Jerry Gill, David Smith and Graham Scarborough struggled to score against Patriarchs’ Heather Beck, Ray Woods and Tony Beck. Ron Hulley, David Marshall and Norman Ablard did not let the Partriarchs have it all their own way, securing two points with a 25-14 win.

Leaders Parthians saw Diane Bedford, Phil Markham and Pete Bedford pip Poachers 19-17. But the score wasn’t enough for the extra points as Sandy Tingey, Dennis Robins and Mick Dodes won 14-22.

Bottom team Burtons performed well against Cosmos, with just one shot separating them.

Burtons’ Dave Bailey won 15-14 while Cosmos’ Bob Thompson replied 10-12.

Feathers beat Autos 34-32.

In the Cammacks Division Three, the top two went head-to-head.

Leaders Dynamics saw Nomads claim the extra points as Graham Wilkinson’s 20-16 win was bettered by Christine Keeling, Richard Keeling and Mel Maddison (18-24).

Amateurs, in third, secured all the points from their game withe Shipmates, skips Tony Nixon and Mick Greet winning 16-14 and 22-8.

U3 beat Tryers as Carol Burge, Vera Thorold and Ray Thorold triumphed 24-13 and Peter Copeland, Sandra Copeland and Michael Bolsin tied 15-15.

In the lower regions of the table, Bias and Hotspurs shared the rink points, but a 26-8 win from Hotspurs skip Andrew Warne saw the higher team secure a 4-2 result.

Fairways took the points from Central with wins for Carol Nundy (24-18) and Chris Gill, Lorna Locking and Heather Scarboro (18-15).