Ace Coby earns a unanimous victory

Coby Brown.
Coby Brown.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club’s Coby Brown secured a unanimous victory on the road this weekend.

Competing at Cambridge United’s ground on Sunday afternoon, he took on local boy Jake Thurston from the Albion ABC.

Thurston began the bout aggressively but Coby was having none of it, hard telling straight shots were getting through as he reddened the Cambridge man’s face.

Coby finished the first strong and midway into the second he was in the driving seat, drawing plenty of gasps from the crowd.

The third round was much of the same, a big shot in the last bolted Thurston’s head back like a pez dispenser to warrant a standing eight count from the referee.

Brown gave a good performance and took the bout unanimously.

Harley Butterfield was making his maiden appearance in a skills bout as he was matched against Paddy O’Connor from the Albion ABC.

Using his fast hands, he was able to pick off O’Connor from range and, using his fleet footwork, was able to make him miss.

A calmness from Butterfield saw him come out on top when they both unleashed together.

He fought at a good pace and can be really pleased with his performance.

Competing at Stoke’s Jubilee Club on Friday night, Lily Reed was pitted against local girl Caitlin Charlesworth from the Right Stuff ABC in a skills bout.

Lily came out strongly in the first, circling and potshotting with single shots as she analysed her opponent, making her miss in the process.

Into the second and third rounds, Lily had more urgency in her work.

She unloaded with good combination punched and looked comfortable and confident. In the exchanges she was having the first and last say.

Sara Lotfi met Lucy Carson, also of the Right Stuff ABC.

Sara came out mixing with Carson from the opening bell and went blow for blow and caught her girl with some thudding shots which stopped the Staffordshire girl in her tracks.

Unperturbed, the more experienced Carson had another gear to go as she unleashed her heavy armoury in Sara’s path.

Although not hurt, the referee administered a standing eight count and decided to call a halt to the proceedings in the last round.