Anglers qualify for Westwood £5k final

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Carl Graham won last week’s Tuesday Open at Westwood Lakes, booking his place in the 5k final.

Twelve hardy anglers were still in the mood following the previous week’s festival, and took to Swallow Lake.

Graham made the most of his stay at the site by qualifying for the 5K final.

He caught on the method and short on maggots later on from peg 17 to weigh 58lb 6oz.

Not far behind him was Brian Harding, who caught a good head of skimmers on maggots from peg 14.

In third was Steve Lane on peg one.

Results: 1 Carl Graham (Hull Angling/ TN Floats) peg 17, 58lb 6oz; 2 Brian Harding (Westwood Lakes) peg 14, 56lb 4oz; 3 Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) peg one, 52lb 2oz.

Jack Danby will join him in the final after winning Good Friday’s heat, held on Swallow Lake.

Results: 1 Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) peg 4, 82lbs 8oz; 2 Josh Pace (Bag Em Baits) peg 3, 76lbs 6oz; 3 Billy Marlow (Westwood Lakes) peg 1, 74lbs 0oz; 4 Andrew Kelk (Westwood Lakes) peg 26, 66lbs 10oz; 5 Dan Abbott (Westwood Lakes) peg 6, 55lbs 15oz.

Thursday’s Over 50s Open match was held on Skylark Lake.

Results: 1 Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes) peg 34, 60lbs 4oz; 2 Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes) peg 32, 58lbs 1oz; 3 Tom Wilson (Westwood lakes) peg 33, 52lbs 10oz; 4 Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) peg 1, 43lbs 4oz; 5 Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) peg 14, 42lbs 4oz.

Brian Harding won this week’s Sunday Open on Falcon Lake.

Results: 1 Brian Harding (Westwood Lakes) peg 12, 30lb 8oz; 2 Lee Cowlan (Westwood Lakes) peg 4, 30lb 0oz; 3 Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) peg 50, 29lb 10oz; 4 Mick Stamp (Preston innovations/Sonu Baits) peg 14, 27lb 4oz.