Athletes on track for improvements

Georgia Ward.
Georgia Ward.

Representatives from five different athletic clubs joined Boston & District AC members to contest events in the third match in the Turnbulls Tommy Clay Track & Field Development Series.

Despite the chilly weather on Friday evening a number of athletes improved on their performances in both track and field competitions.

At senior/veteran women’s level Emma Penson reduced her 1,500m personal best to 6 mins 46.1 secs.

Fellow veteran Helen Tooley recorded 6.33m in the 4k shot and 14.69m in discus.

In the under 15 age group Gold Tops were in competition with representatives from Sleaford Striders, Bourne Town Harriers and Lincoln Wellington.

In the 75m hurdles Georgia Ward and Alex Frick both crossed the line in 19.3 secs with Georgia given the verdict for first place.

Georgia was second in the shot (6.01m) with Alex third on 5.71m.

Megan Reid improved her discus (15.15m) for second and produced a very promising 300m time (53.8 secs).

Eleanor Lyddiatt achieved first places in the under 13 girls’s 100m (15.2 secs) and 75m hurdles (15.5 secs), also claiming second in the long jump (3.75m).

Jessica Frick finishing second in the 75m hurdles (16.3 secs) and third in the 100m (16.3 secs) and long jump (3.45m).

Evie Miller gained valuable experience, recording 19.3 secs over 100m, clocking a promising 18.4 secs for 70m hurdles recording 1.98m in long jump.

In the under 13 boys’s age category, Hayden Quantrill clocked 22.1 secs in the 70m hurdles , 16.4 secs in 100m and cleared 3.08m in long jump.

In the under 11 boys’s competition, Jack Clark-Atkins continued his progress with victories in 80m (13.3 secs), long jump (3.28m) and vortex throw (31.22m).

In the under 13 girls’s events, Issy Reid was fastest over 80m (14.5 secs) and went on to claim first place in the long jump (2.75m) and achieved second place in vortex (13.30m).

Lea Frick was third over 80m (14.6 secs), second in long jump (2.63m) and achieved a comprehensive victory in the vortex (19.96m).

Nola Heaton gained valuable experience on her competitive debut, registering 14.8 secs for 80m, 2.35m in long jump and 9.49m in the vortex throw.

Devan Quantrill won two of his three under 11 boys’s events.

He claimed first places in 70m (13.0 secs) and 150m (27.7 secs), adding third place in long jump with a clearance of 2.19m.

A victory for Noah Donnelly-Coles in long jump (2.36m) was augmented by second position in both 70m (13.1 secs) and 150m (28.3 secs).

Damian McNulty recorded 13.5 secs over 70m, 29.7 secs in the 150m and 2.19m in long jump.

In the under 11 girls’s section, Erin Norton won the vortex with 7.52m and claimed two third places in 70m (14.3 secs) and 150m (32.7 secs).

Mia Clark-Atkins recorded 15.1 secs over 70m, 36.0 secs for 150m and 1.86m in long jump.