Battle is on for third in bowls league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

With Eastenders claiming the Orchard Podiatry Division One title in the Boston Indoor Bowls League and Holland Fen in second, the battle is on for third spot.

Carlton Road, the current tenants, pulled off a remarkable win against the champions this week.

Matt Whyers, Katy Tointon and Jonathan West won with ease against the Road’s Geoff Parker, but Daniel Harrison Adrian Field and Paul Flatters lost heavily as John Rylott, Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary cruised home 6-26 for the aggregate points.

A40 are also striving for third spot and ended the night just one point behind with one game to go.

Their opposition IBC showed their frailities and fell to Jim Gott and Jean Cammack 29-10 and 33-7 respectively.

Jolly Farmers and Punchbowlers shared the rink points and also the aggregate points.

For the Farmers, Mark Freemantle, Rita Epton and Sue Hoyles won 18-12 and, replying for Punchbowlers, the Bush, McNeish and Bush combination succeeded 17-23.

Holland Fen were beaten by Invaders’ Nathan Dunnington, Ian Tebbs and Scott Whyers, who won fairly comfortably 22-15 against the Fenmen’s Keith French.

However, the Fen’s Bazza Wilson, Ab French and Ron Flower aggregate with an 8-28 success.

Royal Mail, matched against Halfpints, could only deliver two points - these coming from skip Alan Hill, who won 21-17.

The Mail’s Jo Sharp, Jill Smith and Keith Sharp had no answer to a good performance from the Halfpints’ Sandra McDonald, Tina Reeson and Alan West, who recorded an 11-30 success which moved them above the Mail in the table.

Norprint and Swineshead, also level on points, saw Norprint squeeze ahead thanks to the Pack-Avison-Barton trio recording a 29-6 success which covered the reply of 10-19 from Swineshead’s Pauline Richardson.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Patriarchs picked up only two points from their game against Strollers then had to wait for Feathers playing on the second session to see if they were going to be Champions.

Feathers, in second, had to pick up all six points from the Crowns, but only won four.

The Crowns’ Colin Box clipped the Feathers’ wings with a 17-16 win, so Patriarchs will be returning to the top division.

Amateurs are heading back down to the third division.

For Amateurs, Olive Fenner, Tony Nixon and Mick Greet won well against Parthians’ Keith Nix (24-17) but replying for Parthians, the Bakers, along with Pete Bedfod, triumphed 9-22.

Central versus Golfers saw the higher team Golfers win on both rinks, 22-9 and 23-11.

The Burtons pulled off a surprise win against Poachers.

For Poachers, Dennis Robins won 19-13 but this was surpassed by the Burtons’ Chris Hill, who won 9-24.

Breakaways had too much power for Boston Park.

Skip Lorraine Stevens, assisted by Janet Whyers and Peter Tracey, won 23-9 and Ivan Dilley succeeded 22-16.

In the Cammacks Division Three, it’s all play for at the top.

Red 5 and the Autos are level on points, with the former having the better shot difference.

Red 5 were matched against mid- table U3 this week and won all the points.

Kath Beck, Mandy Cook and Tony Beck won 22-6 and Colin Price, Howard Williams and Dave Fox earned a 20-5 result.

The Autos’ chances of the title were dented slightly thanks to a good performance from Shirley Westlake, Leonard Westlake and Ken Burr, who won 17-12 to deny potential champions of two points.

Autos’ Sheila Skelton, Tom Freeston and Bernard Skelton secured four points thanks to a win of 9-23.

Third-placed Cosmos have been fairly consistent all season. Jean and Bob Thompson skipping their team to victory with wins of 20-13 and 37-9 against Sibsey.

BBC versus Highflyers saw the higher team BBC winning all the points.

Ted Vere was successful 22-18 and Bill Mortlock triumphed 18-9.

Shipmates versus Vikings should have been all points to Vikings on paper, but Shipmates’ Stan Smalley produced a win of 21-11 for two points.

Replying for Vikings, Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and Keith Stones started very convincingly and went on to win 8-27.

Fairways are undefeated in the last three games and produced another win against Traders skips Carol Nundy with a 25-8 result and Anthea Hall, 17-12 ahead, hung on to win 17-15.