Battling Brazil wins over crowd

Connor pictured with coach and uncle Tom Brazil.
Connor pictured with coach and uncle Tom Brazil.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club fighters travelled to Telford on Saturday evening.

Topping the bill was the exciting Connor Brazil, who was matched against well-supported local lad Shayan Hussein of the Wellington ABC in an absorbing contest.

The bout began at a frantic pace with both boxers exchanging plenty of leather, neither wanting to give any ground.

Connor, who was forced to box on the back foot, had the better success, beating the game Hussein to the punch in what was a nip-and-tuck affair.

Brazil’s sharp backhand proved to be a great weapon during the fight, time after time he was able to find his target which managed to stop Hussein rumbling forwards and momentarily stop him in his tracks.

Brazil was awarded the split decision win in a thrilling contest and had gained the admiration of the partisan supporters by the final bell.