Battling conditions

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

The cold, wet weather failed to dampen the spirits of the competitors in the second in the series of Tommy Clay Development Track and Field events on Friday evening.

The soggy conditions made it challenging for competitors at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

Despite the conditions at The Tommy Clay Track, a number of athletes representing the five different clubs - host club Boston and District AC, Sleaford Striders, Bourne Town Harriers, Lincoln Wellington and Grantham - recorded season’s best performances.

In the senior women’s category, BADAC’s Emma Penson took the opportunity to complete an early season 3,000m (15 mins 27.6 secs) and, in the worst of the weather, the hammer (14.12m).

Grantham’s William Tucker convincingly won the under 20 mens 3,000m (9 mins 35.8 secs) and Phil Galpin, from Bourne Town Harriers, the senior men’s 3k.

At under 17 level Sleaford strider Tom Wilkinson threw the javelin 27.74m and Bourne under 15s’ Dan Galpin clocked 35.3secs for 200m and Alex Galpin cleared 1.20m in testing high jump conditions.

In the under 15 girls’ category the host club had Jessica Ward in first position in javelin (12.74m) and 800m (3 mins 18 secs) and Holly Aslin (Sleaford Striders) won the 200m in 29.5 secs.

In the under 13 boys’ section, Bourne’s Ben Conrathe won three events, recording 16.2 secs in a windy 100m, 17.48m in javelin and 1.10m in high jump.

At under 13 girls level, Megan Reid (BADAC) won the 100m (17.5 secs) and finished second in 200m (37.0 secs) and javelin, her debut in the competition (12.05m).

Georgia Ward was second in the 100m (18.3secs), third in both 200m (37.0 secs) and javelin (11.74m).

Sleaford’s Louise Hirst achieved a personal best 1.30m clearance in high jump and clocked 2 mins 49.8 secs in the 800m for a second victory.

Tilly Dash (BADAC) recorded 19.3 secs over 100m and 42.1 secs for 200m while Isabel Collier (Sleaford Striders) was the clear winner of the 200m (32.2secs) and javelin (15.25m).

In the under 11 boys’ section, Grantham’s Thomas Broadley won the 75m (12.2 secs) and 600m (2 mins 09.7 secs) with Boston’s Jack Clark-Atkin in pursuit in both races, clocking 12.5 secs and 2 mins 33.4 secs.

Jack won the ball throw (21.35m), ahead of Haydn Quantrill (BADAC), who threw 19.92m.

Haydn was also fourth in the 75m (13.3 secs) and third in the 600m (2 mins 42.2 secs).

Gold Top Joel Blaydon won the standing triple jump (4.69m), finished runner-up in the 75m (12.5 secs) and third in the ball throw (12.94m).

Harry Dash recorded 14.7 secs in the 75m, 3.38m in standing triple jump and 10.81m in the ball throw.

Eleanor Lyddiatt achieved convincing under 11 girls’ victories in 75m (12.4secs), 150m (24.7 secs) and standing triple jump (4.72m).

Ronnie Grey won the ball throw (12.79m) and claimed second place in 75m (12.8 secs) and 150m (26.2 secs).

Issy Reid achieved 14.1secs in the 75m, 4.61m for second in standing triple jump and 12.65m for the same position in the ball throw.

Under nine debutant Amelia Blayden won the 50m (11.8 secs) and whizzer throw (5.00m) and finished second in standing triple jump (2.51m).

Mia Clark-Atkins won the 80m (21.7 secs) and the standing triple jump (2.72m) and claimed second position in the 50m (13.2secs).

In the boys’ events, Devan Quantrill was first in the 80m (16.6secs) and standing triple jump (3.57m) and narrowly finished runner-up in the 50m (10.1 secs), just 1/10th behind winner Jacob Broadley (Grantham).

Noah Donnelly Coles threw the whizzer 6.43m for victory and claimed second place in the 80m (17.4 secs) and third in the 50m clocking 10.6 secs.

The next event in the Tommy Clay Track and Field Development Series is on May 18th.