Big breaks seal victory for Rowe

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Action from the Boston Snooker Centre Boston Snooker League saw the Acorn Taxis Super League’s defending champions go joint top following an away demolition of BSC 4.

Tom Hill, Darren Christian and Joe Welch took the first six frames for Shodfriars 20 from Danny Horgan, Paul Raymond and Craig Lee.

Carl Rowe struck out on 64 while on a maximum 147 opportunity in the first, but opponent Tom Brazil wasn’t finished, needing one snooker he fought back and won the frame.

Carl knocked in a 40 and a 74 in the second to seal the 7-1 victory.

BSC 11 took on BSC 2 at home, John Sharp losing to the 2’s Gary Charlton before Matthew Bradbury levelled against Daniel Hurling.

The 2’s Stuart Whitaker beat Adam Cammack with a 41 clearance in the second to pinch the frame and Grant Marshall bested Luke Arons to seal the 6-2 win.

Breaks: C. Rowe 74, 64, 40, J. Welch 47, T. Hill 42, 31, S. Whitaker & G. Charlton 41, G. Marshall 36, A. Cammack 30.

The Ocean Chinese Takeaway Premier saw Kirton 5 take a win from Cons 7.

Jamie Brinkley split with Cons’ Charlie Rolfe before the 5’s Steve Sharp topped Dean Simmons.

Andy Bush played out a good draw with Nigel Salmon before Louis Wong was gifted the 6-2 win by the three-man 7.

BSC 8 reversed their away loss with a home demolition of Cons 6, winning 7-1.

Steve Greensmith drew the first match with the 6’s Chris Spencer before the onslaught saw Shaun Dunmore, Adam Norton and Gary Dunmore best Aiden Johnson, Ashley Baines and Liam South respectively.

Graham Day, on first for BSC 12, bettered his BSC 16 rival Paul Taylor before compatriots Neil Morriss, Alan Laws and Alan Peck all drew with the 16’s Paul Spencer, J. Thorne and David Cutting, securing a 5-3 win.

Breaks: A. Norton 32, P. Spencer 29, A. Laws 28, S. Sharp 25, 22, C. Rolfe 23, D. Cutting 22, G. Day 20.

In the Cotts Builders & Contractors Division One, Cons 5 visited BSC 6 and took a comfortable win to stay in the title hunt.

Alan Haycock beat Gordon Russell before league newbie Billy Spooner showed his snooker pedigree, triumphing against Alan Traynor.

Bill Spooner succumbed to the 6’s Paul Creasey and Cons’ Derek Wood took back the impetus, defeating Paul Argyle and sealing the 6-2 win.

Cons 2 held on tight to their lead going into their bye weeks with a 5-3 victory away at Kirton.

Keith Carrington, Gary Middleton and Graham Ruck drew with Kirton 1’s Ian Parnell, Kevin Lymer and Wayne Burton before Cons 2’s Dales Sawer took the win for his team, overcoming Adam Gurton.

Shodfriars 3 took on Graves Park but neither team managed to subdue the other, resulting in an eventual draw.

Breaks: J. Clarke 34, J. Ely 30, J. Vines & K. Carrington 27, A. Haycock 21, K. Lymer 20.

The Kingston Construction Divisions Two saw leaders Cons 3 take on second-placed BSC 15.

Scot Gray of the 3 took first blood, taking both from Dave Cartwright.

Rob Carter drew with Jamie Rushin before Patrick Kearns guaranteed a draw for the 3.

Graham Johnson and Ian Russell both took a frame from one another, leaving Cons 6-2 victors and clear at the top.

At the other end of the table, BSC 7 and BSC 18 tussled on the baize.

Craig Churchman and Jimmy Birtwhistle split before the 7’s Jason Pocklington schooled Mark Stafford.

The 18 fought back with Dan Lumley beating Kevin Hirst to level the match.

Chris Hirst and Andy Bird drew to conclude the 4-4 scoreline.

Breaks: C. Churchman 27, S. Gray 25, R. Carter 24, D. Lumley 20.