Bike ace Wilson is back in the saddle

Ben Wilson is back on a bike.
Ben Wilson is back on a bike.

Kirton rider Ben Wilson was back in the saddle when he took in a few laps of Cadwell Park on his Gearlink Kawasaki Supersport machine.

It is over two years since his accident at the North West 200, where he badly broke his leg.

It has been a long road to get to the stage where he is able to swing the leg back over a bike.

He still has a way to go with his knee which still isn’t in a position to bend into a comfortable position for racing but with the help of his physio Aiden Robinson he will eventually get there.

Wilson said: “Well today I got back on a bike for the first time since my crash at the NW200 in May 2016.

“To say it’s been a long road would be an understatement but I have had some great people around me and without them I would not be where I am today.

“I’m so grateful to you all. I still have a long way to go till I’m back where I was before the crash but it will come.

“I’ve got a great surgeon in my corner and without him I would have no leg at all.

“Since Aidan started working on my leg he has transformed everything and I have to thank him for coming with me to Cadwell today and getting me on the bike.”

Wilson also thanked his team, adding: “A massive thank you to Gearlink Kawasaki for sorting me a bike out.

“I also want to give a huge thanks to all my supporters that have stuck by me and sent me loads of messages over the months, plus my family who have been there for me through all the bad times.

“It was 751 days since I was last on a bike and, although it was a bit painful today, I have proved I can still do it.

“I will take in several test days in the coming months and, as I get stronger and my knee improves its bend, I will get more comfortable on the bike.

“I am aiming at possibly riding in a British Supersport round before the end of the season if everything goes smoothly, but right now I am taking it one day at a time.”