Boston ABC fighters in action in Shropshire

Andy Waters.a
Andy Waters.a

Boston ABC fighters have also been in action in Shropshire this weekend.

Blake Emmerson, faced Sam Byers of Shrewsbury and Seven Side ABC, looking to follow up the victory he claimed against his opponent previously.

Ronnie Goddard.

Ronnie Goddard.

The Boston Bomber pressed from the first bell, giving no quarter in any of the slugging blows traded by both pugilists.

Emmerson’s blows were having an effect and Byers found them too much.

He continued to catch his opponent with good quality upper cuts and hooks with the referee stopping the fight in the Bostonian’s favour in the third round.

Ronnie Goddard faced old rival Christopher Preece from Ludlow ABC, who he defeated on his home turf in March.

The opening rounds saw great offensive attacks from both boxers, and neither wanted to leave this contest with a loss.

Goddard was landing good shots, but he found Preece trying to grab and hold to keep the Ink Man away from him.

The contest was close but Goddard suffered a standing eight count late in then third round, which handed the close contest to Preece.

Andy Waters faced J. Parkes of Wildstar ABC and was eager to rage war on his opponent.

Waters was boxing well, landing strong blows but he didn’t want to settle for a points win and took the fight to Parkes.

However, Waters suffered ahead injury and the doctor decided he could not continue, despite him leading on all three judges’ scorecards.

Pictured are Andy (left) and Ronnie.