Bourne 10k proves to be wild

Rob Buswell and Dan Simpson. A5bszt7PZaTvInJSRgxv
Rob Buswell and Dan Simpson. A5bszt7PZaTvInJSRgxv

While most of the Boston Community Runners were having their last week of training runs before the Boston Marathon and Half Marathon this Sunday, Rob Buswell and Dan Simpson took part in the Bourne 10k.

The off-road challenge follows a route through the woods, and although the route through the trees was a little wet in places, both runners had a fine race.

Rob came home in 46.49, a time that pleased him as training increases and runs get quicker.

Dan crossed the line in 55.02 and enjoyed the run.

It wasn’t his quickest time but he slowed to help and encourage a fellow runner who was struggling to keep going in the final 2k.

Together they got going again and Dan ran with her, keeping the pace going.

“That’s what running is all about,” said Dan.

“I was pleased to help her finish.”

Rob’s son Rhys took part in the 3k fun run for the younger members and crossed the line in 13.09.

Boston Community Runners meet every Thursday at 6.50pm for a 7pm start from the Peter Paine Sports Centre, Rosebery Avenue.