Boxer Angelica Finch steps up weight category to claim third Hull Box Cup title

Angelica Finch.
Angelica Finch.

Boston Town ABC boxer Angelica Finch claimed gold for the third year running in the Hull Box Cup.

She faced Macy Kilkenny from East Middlesbrough, which saw Finch having to move up a weight category due to pullouts at her natural weight.

Round one saw Finch hold centre of the ring, boxing smart and beating Kilkenny to the punch whilst also making her opponent miss.

The Boston Town girl knew she had to have smart reflexes being the naturally lighter girl, and not wanting to take any big punches from Macy.

In the second round Finch switched to counter fighting, waiting for Kilkenny to come forward to pick her off and catch her with the straight backhand down the middle.

Finch’s punches were well-timed and accurate.

The third round saw Kilkenny come out looking for a fight, knowing she was playing catch up.

However, Finch was prepared and ready for this, mixing up combinations to the head and body, slowing her down and forcing her to retreat on the back-foot.

Finch, sensing her opponent was tired, capitalised and put the pressure on, working in close range and catching Kilkenny with short and speedy uppercuts to the face.

The Boston boxer finished the round strong to claim the unanimous points decision win, her sixth title of the season, added to her three previous awards.

Finch’s titles include two national titles, three Hull Box Cup golds, two East Midlands Box Cup golds, gold at the Esker Box Cup and the East Midlands Elite featherweight area belt.

“Its all thanks to my dad Jim for making all of this possible and achievable,” Finch said.

“We work well together as a team and we both have the same vision of where we want to go in this sport.

“He lets me express myself and be my own boxer, which is important as a coach. Restricting a boxer’s style will only hold them back and stop them progressing.

“I’m very excited for what the new season holds for us both and all my teammates, hopefully plenty more titles will be won.”