Boxers hit the road for fight experience

Dylan Harmon and Lily Reed.
Dylan Harmon and Lily Reed.

Boston Amateur Boxing Club’s Dylan Harmon and Lily Reed travelled to the Crowle Community Hall in Scunthorpe on Sunday afternoon.

Harmon topped the bill as he was matched against Border City’s Isaac Carrigan.

He began the bout patiently, taking ring centre as he methodically went about his work, probing with his lead hand jab against the tricky switch hitting Carrigan, who was scoring with his fast shots.

A change in tactics was needed as Harmon needed to get a foothold in the contest.

Pushing forwards, he exerted pressure on the Carlisle fighter and was getting through, making him box on the back foot as the balance changed.

Harmon’s stalking tactics were paying off, a good three-punch combination hit its target in the third round as he caught his man flush on the ropes as he began to tire.

The bout was ultimately awarded to Carrigan, but harmon worked exceptionally hard and will be pushing for a rematch in the new year.

Thirteen-year-old Lily Reed took part in her second skills contest against local girl Libby Hall from Scunthorpe ABC.

Reed came out and took control of ring centre, pushing the taller Hall back with her aggressive attacks.

She used her head movement to good effect, making the local girl - who was boxing from range - miss.

Reed fought with a calm head and negated the Scunthorpe girls attacks with well-timed movement and counter punches.

Although no winner is announced in a skills bout, this was a good experience for Reed who can be commended for her hard work ethic in the gym.