Bradford succeeds at Sunday Open event

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Marc Bradford won the Westwood Lakes Sunday Open match this weekend.

On Falcon Lake a total of 14 anglers attended the Sunday bash and four competitors caught more than 200lbs.

Bradford, on peg 13, had a haul of 272lbs 4oz.

Second was Rob Walton at peg 41 with 258lbs.

Results: 1 Marc Bradford peg 13, 272lbs 4oz; 2 Rob Walton peg 41, 258lbs; 3 Alan Bickley peg 9, 231lbs 12oz; 4 Richard Kinersley peg 11, 225lbs 12oz; 5 Mick Stamp peg 1, 192lbs.

Thursday’s Over 50s Open match was held on Swallow Lake.

A total of 24 anglers took part on a gloriously hot day.

In first place was Brian Thompson from peg six with 64lbs.

In second was Ken Clark just 3lbs behind.

In third was George Night with 55lbs.

Results: 1 Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 6, 64lbs; 2 Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) peg 7, 61lbs; 3 George Night (Westwood Lakes) peg 19, 55lbs; 4 Alan Haines (Westwood Lakes) peg 9, 52lbs 8oz; 5 Rick Tweddell (Bait-Tech/Westwood Lakes) peg 11, 51lbs 8oz.

Westwood Lakes’ Spring Classic Daiwa Festival saw Andy Bennett finish in first place.

The Guru/Daiwa angler started from peg 22 on Skylark Lake on Tuesday and earned a weight of 217lbs 2oz.

Day two saw him getting ready for a Shallow fishing session on Falcon Lake, winning the section with 292lb 8oz from peg 27.

Osprey Lake was the venue for day three where Andy secured victory with a haul of 265lb.

Richard Bond came second with Nick Haymes in third.

Results: 1 Andy Bennett 774 lbs 12 oz; 2 Richard Bond 367 lbs 12 oz; 3 Nick Haymes 509 lbs; 4 Johnathon Joweltt 503 lbs 10 oz; 5 Andy Bailey 427 lbs 2 oz; 6 P. Cooper 412 lbs 10 oz; 7 James Howarth 395 lbs 2 oz; 8 Lee Bennett 467 lbs 9 oz; 9 Simon Parker 457 lbs 9 oz; 10 Matt Wildes 405 lbs 4 oz.