Brian sinks two hole in ones in three weeks, but claims it’s a fluke

Brian Curtis.
Brian Curtis.

Brian Curtis has been celebrating shooting his second hole in one - just three weeks after his first-ever ace.

The Boston West Golf Club member needed just one shot to sink the ball while playing on the 170-yard par-3 12th last Tuesday.

And that came exactly three weeks after his first hole in one, secured on the 151-yard eighth, another par-3, on September 18.

“I saw it bounce on the green and I just though ‘good, I’m on the green’,” said 79-year-old Brian, who put a bottle of whisky behind the bar to help club members toast his first achievement.

“I was playing with Ken Ashford, and he said ‘I think that might cost you another bottle of whisky’.

“I wasn’t sure but we picked the ball out the hole. It was unbelievable, not many people do that.”

Two aces in 21 days may have cost Brian, who lives in the town, a few quid in alcohol, but he was presented with a £275 Hugo Boss watch for his first ace, due to the club being a HOWDIDIDO verified club.

He is now waiting to see whether he is eligible for a spare.

Brian, who plays off 23 after taking the sport up 20 years ago, has been earning the congratulations of many more seasoned players still awaiting their first hole in one.

But he finds himself unable to offer any tips.

“I think it’s a bit of a fluke really,” he added.

“To hit the ball that far, straight into the hole. It has to be a fluke, even for a professional.”