BSC 1 remain top of snooker league

Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

BSC 1 remain on top of the Boston Snooker League’s Snooker Farm Super League following a second successive 8-0 thrashing of BSC 19.

There were victories for Wayne Dent, Sean Swinburn, Brian Cox and Graham Cripsey, who recorded a 93 break in the second frame.

BSC 3 and BSC 12 drew 4-4. Neil Hutson was beaten by J.Tryner, Nigel Robinson beat Alan Laws, Andy Swan beat Simon Wood and Chris Ellis lost to Graham Day.

BSC 2 and BSC 4 also drew 4-4.

Grant Marshall beat Danny Horgan, Craig Lee beat Gary Charlton, Lee Ford beat James Shaw and Barry Cox then beat Danny Newton, the second frame on the black ball.

Shodfriars 20 beat BSC 13 7-1 to keep the pressure on BSC 1.

Tom Hill beat Craig Elding, Darren Christian beat Mario Richards, Daley Richardson beat Adam Cartwright and Carl Rowe and Adam Brackenbury drew.

Breaks: G. Cripsey 93, 51, 47, C. Rowe 72, C. Fitter 53, B. Cox 49, 42, 31, W.Dent 45, 29, D. Christian 44, 43, C. Lee 37, T.Hill 36, 32, S. Swinburn 35, D.Hurling 34, J. Welch 33, G. Marshall 32, B. Bowman 31.

Week 17 results: BSC 4 5 BSC 2 3, BSC 1 8 BSC 19 0, BSC 13 2 Shodfriars 20 6, BSC 12 2 BSC 3 6.

In the Lincolnshire Handyman Premier League, BSC 8 recorded an impressive win over Shodfriars 3, succeeding 7-1.

Ian Dalywaters beat John Vines, Shaun Dunmore and Richard Crunkhorn drew, Adam Norton beat Colin Woodcock and Gary Dunmore then beat Jim Ely.

BSC 11 and BSC 10 drew. Jamie Brinkley beat Andy Upsall, Nick Hanson beat Andy Bush, Carl Baily and Louis Wong drew, as did Rick Ladds and Julian Furnell.

Breaks: R. Ladds 47, C. Baily 34, J. Vines 27, R. Ladds 25, I. Dallywaters, R. Crunkhorn 22.

Week 17 results: BSC 10 6 BSC 11 2, BSC 8 4 Shodfriars 3 4.

BSC 16 beat Cons 5 5-3 in the Cotts Builders and Contractors Division One.

Stan Matthews and Alan Haycock drew, Andy Lawrence beat Nathan Yardley, Dave Cutting beat Bill Spooner and Derek Wood pulled two back for Cons.

Cons 4 beat BSC 7 5-3. S. Richardson beat Craig Churchman, Callum Simmons beat Dave Nundy, L. Clayton beat J. Pocklington and J.Traves and Chris Hirst drew.

BSC 7 and BSC 5 drew 4-4. Paul Oyitch beat Adam Gurton, Chris Hirst beat Paul Dawson, J. Pocklington beat Sam Dawson and Pete Grooby beat M. Haresign.

BSC 6 beat Kirton 1. Gordon Russell beat S. Fletcher, Alan Traynor and Ian Parnell drew, Paul Argyle and Ash English also drew, as did Mike Deal and Wayne Burton.

Breaks: D. Wood 48, 21, A. Young 37, 28, I. Parnell 34, A. Lawrence 30, B. Skinner 28, P. Grooby 27, 22, A. Traynor 25, S. Matthews 22, P. Oyitch 23, 21, W. Burton 21, A. Haycock 20.

Week 17 results: BSC 5 6 BSC 7 2, Kirton 1 4 BSC 6 4, Cons 5 5 BSC 16 3.

I the Sam Dawson Building Services Division Two, Graves Park beat BSC 14 7-1.

M. Hodgson beat Tyler Roberts, J. Hodgson beat Matt Povey, Ged Hall beat A.Baines and J. Clarke and Liam South drew.

Cons 3 and Kirton 2 drew 4-4. Rob Carter beat N. Cock, G. Johnson and J. Pinder drew, Scot Gary lost to D. Jessop and D. Johnson and Dan Thompson drew.

West End beat BSC 17 8-0. D. Green, R. Mason, J. Bell and C. Mason all beat James Leary, Jim Hartley, Jimmy Birtwhistle and David Russell respectively.

Breaks: M. Hodgson 28, D. Jessop 22, R. Carter 20, J. Clarke 20.

Week 17 results: Kirton 2 2 Cons 5 6, BSC 17 3 West End 5.