Can Road block the Enders’s title push?

Sue Hoyles.
Sue Hoyles.

Eastenders look close to securing the Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One tittle - but rivals Carlton Road can still have a big say.

This week the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s top two both secured maximum points from their games against Red 5 and Royal Mail.

But the crunch match is on when they come head to head in the next contest, where a win for the Road would put the pressure on the leaders.

Third-place Invaders were held up by A40 when the latter secured all six points.

Punchbowlers produced a good result when they defeated Holland Fen, Dave Peacock, John Adcock and Steve Skelton winning 22-16 and Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Dave Gill tied 22-22.

Parthians were no match for IBC. John Clark, Pauline Atkin and Keith Nix fell 21-9 to Jeff Powell, Steve Cornwell and Dennis Ellis, and Diane Bedford, Ann Martin and Pete Bedford lost 13-15 to Ted Bourne, Stan Lawrence and Pete Stringfellow.

Strollers picked up a vital point from their game with Jolly Farmers. Kath Beck, Alan Warne and Alan Everitt, against Farmers’s Sue Hoyles, hung on to draw 13-13.

Farmers’s Joe Moore was successful 14-12 to claim the rest of the points.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Nomads set the pace at the top for most of the season but the last three results have seen them drop down to fourth.

This week they were matched against Boston Park and only won one point.

For the Park, Tony Hill, Betty Hill and Alan Batchelor won 18-8 while Barry Beagles, skipping against Bernard Woods, picked up a vital count of four on end 15 as they tied 13-13.

The Park look favourites to move to the top division.

Vikings’s run of form came to an abrupt halt this week when Feathers won on both rinks, Keith Stones hung on to win 20-19 and Geoff Dawson triumphed 21-12.

Golfers and Cosmos shared the rink points but underdogs Cosmos gained the aggregate thanks to Andrew Dunnington skipping his rink to a win of 20-10.

Breakaways shared the rink points with Poachers but claimed the additional points with a 32-7 success from Derek Butwright.

Patriarchs and Dynamics saw the former winning all of the points as skips Alan Woods and Ray Woods had wins of 21-19 and 39-7.

In the Cammacks Division Three, the top two both shared the points from their games this week.

Central, with a a three-point advantage, were matched against the Saxons.

Central’s captain Fred Epton won 20-12 for the additional points.

In second spot, the Fairways were matched against U3 and they were very happy to see Mavis Ablard, Hazel Smith and Anthea Hall win 24-12 for the aggregate points.

Midtable Shipmates fell to second-bottom Hotspurs, the overall result being 31-29 and four points to Hotspurs.

Bias beat Phoenix 33-29 overall.

Possibly the best result of the week’s games was Phantoms’s success against Amateurs, 52 points separating them in the table but Phantoms won 30-29 overall as Nick Whitmore won 17-15, covering the reply from Amateurs’s Mick Greet of 14-13.