Decision goes against Brown

Coby Brown.
Coby Brown.

Boston ABC’s promising light welterweight Coby Brown missed out on a place in the national semi-finals this weekend.

He was in action on Sunday in Manchester, drawn again North West Counties champion Kian Winstanley of the Metro ABC.

Coby was straight to his man, delivering fast, hurtful shots with good variation.

Boxing behind his tight guard he didn’t allow the Mancunian to get much success back.

Winstanley, a counter puncher, was waiting patiently for his prey but Coby delivered quick combinations to get his shots off and score.

The second was a pick ‘em round, Winstanley having a bit more of a say as he upped his pace but Coby was the aggressor.

Going into the final round, Coby unloaded his arsenal with great ferocity and work rate as he shipped some telling blows.

The bout was awarded to the local boy on what must have been a razor-thin split decision, much to the surprise of most people.

On Saturday evening the club travelled to Skegness.

Youngster Reece Morris was pitted against Alfie Stefanski, from Skegness, in a skills bout.

Reece took control of the ring from the first bell and began probing behind his jab with Stefanski circling around the outside boxing at range.

Reece’s hands were commendably watertight, the Skegness boy struggling to penetrate his guard.

Igors Jermol met the home-club’s Harry Dales, claiming a unanimous decision.

Igors boxed boxed behind his straight shots which he was able to use effectively, but he didn’t have things all his own way as the fight ebbed and flowed.

Natan Malecha was matched against Kyle Bowling, again from Skegness.

He boxed with his high hands but found it difficult to get away from Bowling’s hard punches.

Trying to use his movement to get close he was caught in transition with a counter that saw him off balance and the referee administered a count.

Into the second it was more of the same and another count was given, the referee had seen enough and waved the fight off.