Eastenders open up gap at top of table

Richard Vinter.
Richard Vinter.

Eastenders are gradually widening the gap at the top of the Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One.

Carlton Road, like the leaders, have only lost one game in the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s top flight, but they keep letting points slip out of their grasp.

Eastenders are not doing this and they are extending their lead.

The Road were matched against an A40 team not exactly playing with their usual competence, but could only secure four points.

Winning two points for A40 in a low scoring game, Jean Cammack was really under no pressure as she succeeded 15-13.

Eastenders won their points against Jolly Farmers, but skip Paul Flatters, 17-7 up, dropped nine shots to only have a one shot advantage.

But he finished winning 19-16, a close call.

Meanwhile Richard Vinter, Mark Whyers and Jordan Philpot were 19-3 up and ran out winners 29-9.

Invaders continued their good run with an overall success of 42-22 against Red 5 to maintain third spot.

Holland Fen were back on form when they defeated Parthians on both rinks.

Skips Eric Dilnot and Brian Boucher had wins of 30-13 and 22-15, but third place in the table is looking out of reach for the Fenmen.

Punchbowlers were to strong at the end for bottom team Royal Mail.

Wayne Phoenix, Steve Skelton and Ian Drury triumphed 22-19 and Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Dave Gill tied with Steve Todd 14-14, a good finish from Steve.

The question is, will the Mail avoid relegation?

IBC and Strollers shared the rink points but the 25-9 winning scorecard from Steve Shaw, Dennis Ellis and Tony Powell covered the 13-16 from Alan Everitt, skipping for Strollers.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Boston Park delivered a good win against Patriarchs, which saw them close the gap at the top to just one point.

Alan Batchelor picked up a last-end count of three to win 21-21 and new signing for the Park Bernard Woods, 2-6 down at seven ends, went into a 15-6 lead at 13 ends played and won 19-10.

Leaders Nomads had an overall win of 39-30 for four points against Breakaways.

For Breakaways, Derek Butwright won 14-25 but this was eclipsed by Ken Burr with a winning scoreline of 25-5.

Feathers versus Dynamics saw all the points going to the latter, Dynamics with skips Graham Wilkinson and Jonathan West successful 13-12 and 21-17.

Even at this stage of the season Vikings are looking perilously close to dropping down a division.

Matched against Poachers they lost 40-24.

Cosmos are having to play without their top player and their results are showing this.

Matched against Autos they saw the aggregate points slip to the opposition.

For Cosmos, Andrew Dunnington won an evenly-balanced game 13-17, but Joyce Townsend racked up the shots in the early stages, leading 14-3 at 10 ends played.

Cossies’s slip Bob Thompson made a slight recovery to close the gap to 16-11 but Joyce stepped up the play to pull away to win 25-11.

The Fairways edged themselves to the top of the Cammacks Division Three table when they collected the aggregate points from the Phantoms.

The overall score was 27-25.

The Burtons, who held top spot, fell to Central with an overall score of 32-29.

The top two teams were pushed all the way by the underdogs.

Hotspurs had a good result against high-riding Amateurs.

Doing the damage for the Hotspurs were Shayne Robinson, Kevin Manning and a Roy Pepperdine, who won 21- 8.

Replying for Amateurs, Mick Greet was never in front until end 18 when he struck a mighty blow, picking up a count of five followed by a maximum to win 13-23.

U3 versus the Phoenix saw U3 winning the additional points thanks to Peter Copeland, Sandra Copeland and Dave Fox, who triumphed 31-16.

Bias versus Shipmates saw the lower team Shipmates win all the points.

Walter Parker had a winning 18-16 and T. Coulson, Dave Greenhough and Ray Robinson were successful 14-10.