Ella refuses to be stuck in the mud

Boston Triathlon Club members at Biscathorpe. DLBpK5ctOe1pLl2Smxe7
Boston Triathlon Club members at Biscathorpe. DLBpK5ctOe1pLl2Smxe7

Members of Boston Triathlon Club travelled to Biscathorpe to take part in the annual Lincolnshire Cross Country Championships.

With a course that was hilly, muddy and requiring the fording of the River Bain more than once per lap, the event hosted by Lincolnshire Athletic Association was going to be a tough start to the New Year.

Ella Firth put in a superb effort given that she lost a running shoe and spent two minutes stuck in the unforgiving mud.

Frankie Owen put in another terrific effort as she continues to improve throughout her first year of cross country.

Unfortunately, Ben Marsters decided to retire while running in a strong forth place rather than aggravate a painful Achilles.

Results: Senior women (7,760m) - Katie Ball, 9th, 26.20; Veteran men (10,160m) - Tom Owen, 60th, 55.50, Ben Marsters, DNF; Veteran women (5,820m) - Liz Cannon, 16th, 31.52, Zoe Ward, 24th, 35.17; Under 13 boys (2,540m) - Oliver Aiken, 10th, 17.19; Under 13 girls (2,540m) - Frankie Owen, 12th, 23.39; Under 11 girls (non-championship race) - Ella Firth, 16th, 12.32.