Fifth-place tri finish for Tegan

Tegan Phillips. nFCKUz8iIQkelwPV-mdZ
Tegan Phillips. nFCKUz8iIQkelwPV-mdZ

Boston Triathlon Club junior Tegan Phillips travelled to Castle Howard in North Yorkshire to take part in the Castle Triathlon Series event.

Currently there are very few triathlon events where children, teens, and adults are able to participate on the same day and over the same course.

Ready for action... the tri club juniors. hzJjaSLvG91zV39axZRK

Ready for action... the tri club juniors. hzJjaSLvG91zV39axZRK

In its 10th year, the Castle Howard Triathlon was the fourth event of the 2019 Castle Tri Series and the picture postcard backdrop of Castle Howards 9,000-acre grounds formed the base for the event.

Race entrants started the race by swimming through Castle Howard’s Great Lake before transitioning into the technical bike route through the glorious rural idyll of Yorkshire and the Howardian Hills.

The spectacular run leg passed through the undulating countryside of the estate before a sprint finish topped everything off in style right in front of the main doors of the house.

Tegan completed the 200m swim, 4km bike and 1.6km run in a time of 32 mins 25 secs, finishing fifth from 57 girls.

Club members competed in the 2019 Derby Junior Triathlon, held at Allestree in Derbyshire.

The event was fully held within the grounds of Woodlands School, Allestree, and formed round six of the East Midlands Junior Race Series.

Results: TriStars Start (8 years), swim 40m, bike 800m, run 600m - Freddie Robertson 15th M, 12:22, Louise Herriott 11th F, 14:34; TriStars 1 (9-10 years), swim 160m, bike 1.5km, run 1.2k - Matthew Bush 13th M, 18:44, Reuben Owen 26th M, 20:46, Willow Wheeler 21st F, 23:07; TriStars 2 (11-12 years), swim 200m, bike 3.9km, run 1.8km - Alicia Bush 13th F, 29:31, Joshua Robertson 27th M, 30:29, Finlay Pittam 30th M, 31:36, Jessica Herriott 22nd F, 32:39, Joseph Douce 37th M, 33:09, Ella Firth 30th F, 35:12; TriStars 3 (13-14 years), swim 280m, bike 5.4km, run 2.4km - Anna Satchwell 15th F, 44:57, Jack Pittam 24th M, 46:25; Francesca Owen 18th F, 49:31; Youth (15-16 years), swim 400m, bike 6.4km, run 3km; Grace Satchwell 10th F, 1:03:40.

The ever-popular Nottingham Children’s Triathlon, hosted by 4Life Triathlon Club, was held at Clifton Leisure Centre, with Boston juniors in action.

Results: TriStars 1 (9-10 years), swim 150m, bike 2km, run 1.2km - Matthew Bush 11th M, 15:37, Thomas Benton 21st M, 17:33, Reuben Owen 22nd M, 17:35, Willow Wheeler 14th F, 18:04, Emily Douce 24th F, 20:39; TriStars 2 (11-12 years), swim 200m, bike 4km, run 1.8km - Alicia Bush (8th F), 25:36, Tegan Phillips (11th F, 26:33, Finlay Pittam 30th M, 27:00, Ella Firth 26th F, 29:21, Joseph Douce 40th M, 30:17; TriStars 3 (13-14 years), swim 300m, bike 6km, run 2.4km - Oliver Aiken (18th M, 34:55, Jack Pittam 21st M, 36:41, Frankie Owen 20th F, 41:26.