Finch victorious on senior fight debut

The Boston Town ABC trio at Attleborough.
The Boston Town ABC trio at Attleborough.

Angelica Finch began her senior boxing career with victory.

Facing Lily Devlin in Attleborough, both competitors were two-time national champions.

Devlin was the home favourite but round one saw Finch in no mood to taste defeat.

Devlin was on the attack but the Boston Town ABC fighter held her ground with her head movements making Devlin miss her shots.

Round two saw both boxers come flying out, Finch pushing Devlin back with her lead hooks and back hands, not letting the home-town girl get a look in.

When they came out for the third round Devlin was throwing everything, but Finch’s fast footwork and head movements were making Devlin miss. Finch countered back with upper cuts to the head and body shots vefore being awarded victory.

Two other Boston Town ABC fighters appeared on the bill.

Gab Marcinkevicius met unbeaten Finn Harris, from Attleborough ABC.

Harris came out aggressively with Marcinkevicius’s natural movement and footwork letting Harris know he was there to fight.

Harris, however, was awarded the bout.

Elvis Zalkauskas competed in his final skills bout against Arreton Thompson.

The Attleborough fighter came out trying to push Elvis back, but Elvis was quick to settle in using straight shots and feeling Thompson out with his jab.

The rest of the bout saw both boxers displaying powerful combinations and skilful movements.