First defeat of season for Shodfriars 20 as snooker league experiences a week of upsets


Shodfriars 20 were beaten for the first time this season after going down against Acorn Taxis Boston Snooker league rivals Donington 1.

Sean Swinburn took a big scalp when he defeated the in-form Darren Christian to put Dons 2-0 up before Carl Rowe replied by taking the next frame, but could only draw with Craig Fitter.

Graham Cripsey took the next two frames as he beat Joe Welch to make the score 5-1 to the Dons.

Tom Hill battled for the last two frames and made the score respectable, despite his side losing 5-3, against Wayne Dent.

Elsewhere in the Boston Snooker Centre Super League, BSC 20 hosted BSC 2 in the battle for third place.

Steve Mooney gave the hosts the perfect start when he defeated Tom Brazil.

Gary Charlton reduced the arrears for BSC 2 but Daley Richardson replied with the next for BSC 20.

Jamie Turner took the next two frames for BSC 20 by defeating Grant Marshall and Danny Newton and Stuart Whitaker shared the last two frames of the night, BSC 20 winning 6-2.

Cons 7 recorded their first win of the season as they defeated BSC 11 6-2.

Nigel Salmon recorded his first points of the campaign as he defeated John Sharp to put Cons 7 2-0 up.

Dean Simmons and Mark Cratton shared the next two frames and Paul Tether then beat Luke Arons to make it 5-1 to Cons before Charlie Rolf and Manuel Figueiredo shared the last two frames.

Breaks: J. Turner 31, 39 D. Christian 32, C. Rowe 30, J. Welch 37, G. Cripsey 40, 51, T. Hill 33,

W. Dent 39.

In the Ocean Take Away Premier League, BSC 10 captain Nick Hanson decided to put out his strongest side by dropping himself, and it proved to be an inspired move as they inflicted defeat upon Cons 6 for the first time this season.

In a match where BSC proved to be the most clinical, they ran out eventual 6-2 winners.

Mario Richards put BSC ahead when he took the first frame on the black.

Craig Lee levelled when he took the next for Cons, Chris Spencer putting Cons 2-1 up before Carl Baily replied with the next.

Richard Ladds then moved BSC 4-2 ahead by beating Paul Raymond.

Ladds took his second frame on the final black.

Dan Burt then made it 5-1 with another, adding the final frame of the evening by beating Sam Hill to give BSC a 6-2 victory.

Kirton 5 visited BSC 16 and left with a crucial victory.

Stan Matthews and Jamie Brinkley could not not be separated after the first match, both taking a point each.

Steve Sharp then moved Kirton 3-1 ahead when he battle past Bret Skinner in two extremely close frames.

Mick Marshall and Louis Wong then shared the next two frames.

Andy Bush was on last and he secured Kirton a 6-2 victory by beating Paul Spencer.

In a week of upsets, Cons 5 got their first win of the season against Shods 3.

Russell Snade and Alan Haycock shared the opening frames before Dan Collins and Nathan Yardley could not be seperated either, leaving the scores locked at 2-2.

Billy Spooner then moved Cons 4-2 up when he defeated Richard Crunkhorn and Derek Wood went on last and secured a 6-2 win for Cons as he beat Jim Ely.

Breaks: D. Burt 21, C. Baily 28, 24, 22.

BSC 12 visited Graves Park in the Cotts Builders Division One this week and played out a 4-4 draw.

Graham Day put BSC ahead when he defeated Ged Hall and John Hodgson got his first frame of the season as he pulled a frame back for Park.

Neil Morris took the next to leave the score at 3-1 to BSC.

John Clarke and Alan Peck played out a draw to leave the score at 4-2 to BSC.

Unfortunately for BSC, they could not field a fourth player so Martin Hodgson of Graves Park was awarded a 2-0 win and it left the scores at 4-4.

Bottom of the league played top of the league as BSC 15 hosted Cons 3.

It was Cons 3 who raced in to a 2-0 lead as the in-form Graham Johnson beat Dave Cartwright.

Rob Carter made it 3-0 by taking the first against Ian Russell but Russell took the next with authority.

Chris Vere then levelled the match for BSC by defeating Pete Epton.

Stuart Holland, on last for BSC, had the easy task of beating Scot Gray.

He duly obliged and took the last two frames of the evening to give BSC 15 a fine 5-3 win.

Breaks: I. Russell 21, 20.

In the Launchburys Division two, West End dished out BSC 7’s first loss of the season as they beat them 5-3.

Matthew Bradbury and Kev Hirst shared the opening two frames.

This was followed by another draw as Kev Stait and Chris Hirst took a frame each.

Another draw followed as Carl Mason and Jason Pocklington shared two frames.

With the scores at 3-3 John Bell had the simple task of defeating Craig Churchman and securing West End with the 5-3 victory.

BSC 21 hosted BSC 6, the ever-improving Thomas Vamplew on first for the 21 and drawing with Alan Traynor.

Mike Deal put BSC 6 3-1 up when he defeated 21’s Tom Hartifil.

Jamie Traves pulled a frame back before losing on the black in the next in a draw with Paul Argyle.

Paul Creasey took the last two frames of the evening against Jim Hartley to leave BSC 6 6-2 winners.

BSC 9 and BSC 18 did battle.

Callum Simmons put BSC 9 1-0 up before Jimmy Birthwhistle replied with the next to level the scores.

Dan Lumley then put BSC 18 2-1 up as he took the first frame off Gav Hallgarth. Hallgarth replied for BSC 9 by comfortably taking the next to level the match at 2-2.

Stephen Cock then put BSC 9 4-2 ahead by defeating D. Waterman.

Nathan Cock put the icing on the cake and secured the 6-2 win for BSC 9 by beating Andy Bird.

Breaks: M. Bradbury 36, 24, K. Stait 24, N. Cock 22.