FROM THE PRESS BOX: Why eagle eyes are focused on the EuroPro Tour

Dave Coupland.
Dave Coupland.

In these kinds of temperatures there’s probably nothing better than spending your day off playing golf.

But for someone like me - with the co-ordination of a newborn deer on skis - it’s less embarrassing, and a great deal safer for all, particularly those behind me, if I stay well away from the course.

Billy Spooner.

Billy Spooner.

That’s why I was happy to spend my Friday afternoon enjoying the golf from the safety of my living room, maniacally refreshing my phone, desperate to get the latest updates from the PGA EuroPro Tour.

Boston’s Dave Coupland was meant to be the focus of my attention for the afternoon as he began round three with his name on top of the leaderboard.

And his course and tour record -11 last Wednesday played a huge part in ensuring he did, in fact, end the day with the winners’ cheque.

But he was pushed hard, fellow Bostonian Billy Spooner among those who came close to catching him, at one point just a great or terrible hole (depending on your perspective) away from pulling level.

Jordan Wrisdale.

Jordan Wrisdale.

The EuroPro Tour, I must admit, hasn’t always held my attention.

But that has changed with success of the town’s three players.

Friday saw Coupland trouser his second winners’ cheque of the year to go top of the Order of Merit, while behind him in fourth and sixth sit Spooner and Jordan Wrisdale respectively, both win their own championship victory so far.

Three players, all young in terms of the sport, from the same town going out and doing the business. All with realistic hopes of moving up to the Challenge Tour - or maybe even beyond? - if things fall into place this year. Great, isn’t it.

Success in sport doesn’t come easily and the trio’s fruitful year is a testament to many things; ability, hard work, mental toughness, great coaches, vital support and, as much as anything, the desire to stick it out.

Picking up a £10,000 cheque for three days’ work sounds like pretty much everyone’s cup of tea.

But for every payday come those events where you don’t make the cut, where travel, accommodation and every other expense which comes with being on the road eats away at your bank account.

That makes watching these three golfers reap their rewards this year so enjoyable, because it takes a lot of downs to even come close to the highs.

You’ve heard the old quote that ‘golf is a good walk spoiled’.

Nope, right now - with these three doing the business - it’s a cracking afternoon on the sofa.