Go Wests! Duo set for Nationals

Rod West.
Rod West.

Boston bowlers Lewis Skinner and Jonathan West reached the final of the County Double rink at the National Championships at Melton.

However, they lost overall by three shots to Devon.

Jonathan West.

Jonathan West.

In the National Championships at Nottingham, Jonathan and his father Rod will be appearing in the family pairs.

The competition is very strong with world number one Nick Brett and daughter Chloe appearing and ladies’ World Bowls singles champion Katherine Rednall and her father John also present.

In the Orchard Health Group Division One of the Boston Indoor Bowls League, Eastenders closed the gap on leaders Carlton Road to a point.

Against IBC they claimed the aggregate points as Liam Reeson, Louse Catchpole and Andrew Reeson bettered the response from Dennis Ellis, Michael King and Derek Smith.

The Road’s Chris Gill won 18-13 but Invaders’ Scott Whyers triumphed 12-17 to tie the game.

A40 picked up maximum points from their game against bottom team Norprint.

Jean Cammack won 22-16 and Arnold Bennett succeeded 21-15.

Holland Fen beat Strollers with rink wins of 23-13 and 19-13.

Jolly Farmers shared the rink points with Punchbowlers but took the extra points as Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Andrew Limb’s 7-19 was bettered by Rita Epton’s score of 24-12.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Red 5 claimed the aggregate points from Parthians thanks to a 26-13 success fro skip Bob Lody.

Second-placed Feathers picked up all six thanks to winning scorecards of 16-13 and 18-16 from skips Brian Sansam and Ian Smith against Boston Park.

Amateurs found it hard going against Breakaways, Pat Weaver fell 9-30 and Mick Greet went down 18-21.

Poachers versus the Burtons saw the lion’s share of the points going to lower team the Burtons.

Chris Hill tied 17-17 and Dave Bailey won 19-13.

Autos captain Dave Gardner was thrilled with his team’s performance this week as Joyce Townsend tied 18-18 and Bernard Skelton triumphed 19-10 for five points.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Cosmos are seemingly in touching distance of the title - but they cannot take it easy.

Against the Fairways they could only secure two points as Terry Derbyshire won 16-14, bettered by Anthea Hall’s 13-18.

Vikings, in second, picked up all six from their game against the Highflyers, Ray Moore winning 24-11 and Keith Stones 33-4.

Central versus Shipmates saw all the points going to Shipmates.

Stan Smalley recovered to win 14-11 and Ted Vere triumphed 17-16.

Dynamics versus the Rileys saw the rink points shared, with the aggregate points going to the Rileys by a one shot margin.

The Dynamics trio of Smith, Beagles and Davis won 17-14 and replying for the Rileys, John Hodgson won 12-16.

Nomads claimed six points thanks to wins from skips Ken Burr and Keith Wilson, 17-14 and 17-11.