Gold Tops claim county championships medals

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Boston and District Athletic Club members featured in the list of award winners at the 2018 Lincolnshire Track and Field Championships.

Day one of the championships was held jointly with Humberside at Hull’s Costello Stadium, with day two at Boston’s Tommy Clay Track at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

The Gold Tops achieved a total of 14 gold, silver and bronze awards.

In the under 11 girls’ age group, Jessica Frick won two county championships and finished second in a further two events.

She won the 600m (2 mins 09.63 secs) and the long jump (3.28m), claiming silvers in the 150m (24.39 secs) and 80m (12.32 secs), where she pursued teammate Eleanor Lyddiatt over the finish line.

Eleanor won both the 80m (12.31 secs) and 150m (23.61 secs) to secure her first county championship titles.

Issy Reid was rewarded with two bronze awards, finishing third in both long jump (2.71m) and 600m (2 mins 40.36 secs).

In the under 11 boys’ section, Jack Clark-Atkins gained a silver in long jump (3.30m) and added a bronze award for third in the 150m (25.36 secs).

Hayden Quantrill won his first county award in long jump, finishing third (3.02m).

Two under 13 girls achieved bronzes, Megan Reid in the 100m (16.09 secs) and Alex Frick in the shot (5.11m).

In the veteran 35 women’s section, Emma Penson finished second in the 3,000m (15 mins 10.63 secs).

Representatives from eight different athletic clubs and one school competed in the third in the series of Tommy Clay Track and Field Development competitions.

Athletes from Norfolk and Warwickshire travelled to Boston to take part in events alongside Lincolnshire-based competitors.

For Boston and District AC, two senior athletes took the opportunity to get in some competitive experience with Steve Barnett clearing 2.60m in the pole vault and Emma Penson clocking 7 mins 05.0secs for 1,500m and throwing the 1k discus 9.96m.

Under 15 Paige Elding finished second in both the girls’ 300m (55.0 secs) and 100m (16.4 secs), claiming third in discus (13.25m).

In the underr 15 boys’ section, Joe Brabben won the 80m hurdles (17.1 secs) and recorded 14.3 secs for second place in the 100m.

Five Gold Tops contested events in the under 13 girls’ age group.

Alex Frick won the 1,500m (6 mins 47.6 secs) and finished third in the shot (4.57m) and sixth in long jump (2.99m).

Megan Reid finished second in both long jump (3.06m) and discus (14.05m) and crossed the finish line third in the 100m (16.1 secs).

Rosie Owen was second in shot (5.59m) and fifth in long jump (3.06m) and 100m (16.1 secs).

Georgia Ward won the shot (5.75m) and finished third in the 70m hurdles (18.4 secs) and seventh in long jump (2.43m).

Tilly Dash was fourth in shot (3.59m), sixth in long jump (2.86m) and seventh in 100m (19.3 secs).

In the under 11 boys’ category, Joel Blaydon won the long jump (3.23m) and also finished fourth in the 80m (13.5 secs).

Jack Clark-Atkins finished third in long jump (3.15m) and fifth in the 600m (2 mins 28.2 secs) and Hayden Quantrill was fourth in long jump (2.98m) and fifth in the 80m (13.9 secs).

Harry Dash cleared 2.16m for sixth in long jump and recorded 15.1 secs for seventh place in the 80m.

In the under 11 girls’ section, Eleanor Lyddiatt won both the 80m (12.5 secs) and long jump (3.11m).

Eleanor also ran the 600m in 2 mins 11.7 secs for third.

Jessica Frick won the 600m (2 mins 09.7 secs) and added second places in long jump (2.91m) and 80m (13.4 secs).

Issy Reid finished third over 80m (14.7 secs) and leapt 2.59m for fourth position in long jump.

Millie Walker ran the 600m in 2 mins 43.8 secs to finish fourth.

In the under nine girls’ competition, Frankie Walker claimed second positions in 70m (13.3 secs) and long jump (2.37m) and Millie Blaydon finished third in the 70m (14.7 secs).

Erin Norton was second in the 150m (34.2 secs), third in long jump (1.94m) and fourth in 70m (15.7 secs).

Mia Clark-Atkins was fouth in long jump (1.75m) and fifth in 70m (17.6 secs).

Three BADAC under nine boys competed, with Devan Quantrill winning long jump (2.36m) and finishing third over 70m (13.8 secs) and fourth in the 150m (31.3 secs).

Noah Donnelly Coles claimed second place in long jump (2.10m), fifth in 150m (32.1 secs) and sixth in 70m (14.6 secs).

Lloyd Thorn achieved a pair of third positions in long jump (1.77m) and 150m (30.5 secs) and crossed the line fifth in the 70m (14.4 secs).

The fourth meeting in The Tommy Clay Track & Field Development Series, with events for all age groups, will be held at the PRSA on Friday, June 8 (6.30pm).

Entries and entry fees can be delivered with registration from 5.45pm on the evening.