Gold Tops shine at Humber meet

Eleanor Lyddiatt.
Eleanor Lyddiatt.

Nine Boston and District Athletic Club athletes competed in the first of this season’s Humber Open Track and Field League matches at Grimsby on Saturday.

There were wins for Jack Clark-Atkins, Devan Quantrill and Noah Donnelly while Mia Clark-Atkins claimed a second place.

At under 15 level, Megan Reid competed in the 100m (15.2 secs), high jump (1.25m) and long jump (3.67m).

In the under 13 girls’s age group, Eleanor Lyddiatt took part in the 100m (15.2 secs) and long jump (3.07m) while Ronnie Grey was in action over 100m (15.7 secs) and also achieved 2.93m in long jump and 4.88m in shot.

Under 13 Hayden Quantrill took part in the 75m hurdles (17.1 secs), long jump (3.26m) and shot (3.13m).

Jack Clark-Atkins finished first in two under 11 boys’s events, the ball throw (32.85m) and long jump (3.29m), also competing in the 600m (2 mins 21.9 secs).

Issy Reid recorded 13.9 secs over 80m, 2.63m in the long jump and 14.03m in the ball throw.

Three under nine representatives achieved successes in both track and field events.

Devan Quantrill and Noah Donnelly shared first place in the boys’s 80m (14.1 secs) while Devan also took part in the 150m (27.4 secs) and long jump (2.77m).

Noah also took part long jump (3.03m) and 150m (28.9 secs).

In the girls’s competition, Mia Clark-Atkins secured second in the long jump (2.10m), threw 13.22m in the ball throw and clocked 3 mins 08 secs in the 600m.

The 2019 track and field athletics season got under way at the weekend with the first Turnbulls Tommy Clay Development Series.

Boston and District hosted the event at the Princess Royal Sports Arena’s Tommy Clay Track on Friday.

With many Gold Tops moving up an age category, some good markers were laid down with a number of top-three finishes.


Senior/veteran women: Emma Penson - 1,500m (6 mins 58 secs),

Under 15 girls: Aurelija Bociulyte - shot (6.37m), discus (18.25m); Alex Frick 75m hurdles (20.5 secs), shot (4.91m); Megan Reid - 100m (16.5secs) - 3rd, shot (5.05m) - 3rd, long jump (3.69m) - 3rd.

Under 13 girls: Eleanor Lyddiatt - 100m (15.7 secs) - 1st, long jump (3.40m) - 1st, shot (4.62m); Jessica Frick - 1,500m (6 mins 08.8 secs), 70m hurdles (16.8 secs) - 2nd, long jump (3.36m) - 2nd; Millie Walker - hurdles (15.7 secs) - 1st, 100m (16.1 secs) - 2nds, long jump (3.33m) - 3rd; Ronnie Grey - shot (5.35m) - 1st, 100m (16.3 secs) - 3rd, long jump (3.15m); Evie Miller - 100m (19.5 secs), 70m hurdles (19.7 secs(, long jump (1.59m).

Under 13 boys: Harry Elding - 100m (16.9 secs) - 1st, 75m hurdles (17.1 secs) - 2nd, long jump (3.13m); Hayden Quantrill - long jump (3.30m) - 2nd, 100m (17.2secs) - 2nd, 75m hurdles (17.2 secs) - 3rd; Joel Bladon - 75m hurdles (17.2 secs) - 1st, long jump (3.15m) - 3rd; Oliver Gilbert (Bicker Prep) - 100m (17.5 secs) - 3rd, 1,500m (6 mins 33.3 secs) - 3rd, long jump (2.40m).

Under 11 girls: Issy Reid - 75m sprint (13.5 secs) -1st, long jump (2.66m) - 1st, vortex throw (13.28m) - 2nd; Lea Frick - vortex throw (20.40m) - 1st, 75m (13.8 secs) - 2nd, long jump (2.36m) - 3rd; Nola Heaton - 150m (29.9 secs) - 2nd, 75m (14.3 secs) - 3rd, long jump (2.21m); Prudence Gilbert (Bicker Prep) - 75m (14.6 secs), 150m (28.8 secs) - 1st, long jump (2.31m).

Under 11 boys: Jack Clark-Atkins - vortex throw (37.25m) - 1st, long jump (3.32m) -1st, 75m (12.9 secs) -2nd.

Under 9 girls: Amelia Bladon - long jump (2.36m) - 1st, 50m (10.0 secs) - 2nd; Mia Clark-Atkins - 50m (11.1 secs), vortex throw (8.72m), Erin Norton - 50m (10.7 secs), 150m (35.9 secs).

Under 9 boys: Devan Quantrill - 50m (9.4 secs) - 1st, 150m (29.8 secs) - 1st, long jump (2.39m) - 1st; Damian McNally - 50m (10.1 secs) -2nd, 150m (33.0 secs) - 2nd, long jump (2.10m) - 2nd; Noah Donnelly-Coles - 50m (10.1 secs), long jump (1.97m), vortex throw (10.07m).