Gold Tops succeed on the Tommy Clay track

Ready for action! The under 11 boys' 150m.
Ready for action! The under 11 boys' 150m.

The eighth event in the series of Boston and District AC’s Tommy Clay Track and Field Development meetings was held in cooler conditions than for the previous two matches.

The programme opened with a string of sprint hurdles races.

In the under 13 girls’ 70m event, Boston and District AC’s Alex Frick finished second (17.3 secs), just pipping Georgia Ward (17.3 secs) in third place.

Frances Nuttell looked sharp over the senior women’s 100m hurdles (17.5 secs), and in the under 17 pole vault Clara Dunbavin cleared 2.05m.

In javelin Frances threw 22.01m and, with the same 600g, implement Clara achieved 12.59m.

Under 20 Sophie Reader threw a distance of 19.70m.

In triple jump Frances cleared 9.09m on the second of her three trials to win the women’s event and Sophie recorded 29.9 secs for third place in the 200m, with Clara one place behind (30.9 secs).

Emma Penson completed 1,500m in fourth position in a time of 7 mins 06.8 secs and Ollie Lammiman claimed second place in the senior men’s 1,500m (5 mins 13.6 secs).

Under 17s Kian Ripley (26.2 secs) and Lewis Farrell (27.2 secs) filled the first two places over 200m and repeated the result in triple jump, with Kian recording a best leap of 10.29m and Lewis clearing 9.30m.

In the under 15 girls’ section Jessica Ward was fourth over 200m (32.9 secs) and threw the javelin 12.39m.

Competition at under 13 level was keen with representatives from five different clubs involved.

Megan Reid won the girls’ triple jump (7.50m) with Alex Frick clearing 6.63m for third and Georgia Ward recording 6.35m.

In javelin, a best throw measuring 11.87m gave Megan second place and a time of 34.6 secs in the 200m earned another runners-up position.

In the boys’ section, Ryan Norton achieved 6.05m in triple jump for second, 9.87m in javelin (third) and finished fourth in the 1,500m (5 mins 57.6 secs).

In the under 11 age group, Jack Clark Atkins won the cricket ball throw (30.81m), ahead of Hayden Quantrill (24.96m), Bradley Witton (17.09m) and Lloyd Thorn (15.40m).

On the track Hayden won the 150m in 25.5 secs with Jack second on 26.2 secs.

In the triple jump contest, Jack won with 7.13m and Hayden achieved a distance of 6.65m.

Bradley’s best leap was 6.14m.

Lloyd completed the 600m 2 mins 27.7 secs.

In the girls’ competition, Eleanor Lyddiatt won both triple jump with 7.20m and the 150m in 23.5secs and finished second in the ball throw (14.34m).

Millie Walker was third in triple jump with a leap of 6.91m, also recording 24.9 secs for third in the 150m and won the ball throw, achieving a distance of 16.95m.

Ronnie Grey leapt 6.37m in triple jump (fourth) and threw the ball 12.11m.

Issy Reid ran 150m in 28.6 secs (fourth), achieved 14.15m in ball throw (third) and recorded 6.22m in triple jump (fifth).

In the 600m, Jessica Frick secured victory in a time of 2 mins 12.5 secs and finished second in both the 150m (24.8 secs) and the triple jump (7.09m).

The under nine boys’ 150m race resulted in a win for Devan Quantrill (28.2 secs), with Nathan Foulsham second in 28.4 secs.

Noah Donnelly-Coles was third in 30.4 secs, ahead of William Thomas (33.0 secs, fifth), Archie Smith (33.5 secs, sixth) and Charlie Noon (34.4 secs, seventh).

Devan also won the triple jump with a best leap of 5.78m and finished third in the ball throw with a distance of 13.63m.

Nathan was fifth in triple jump (3.78m) and fourth in the ball throw (12.61m).

In his two field events, Noah leapt 4.23m in triple jump for fourth position and achieved a distance of 9.26m with the ball for sixth.

William recorded 2.79m in triple jump (sixth) and 9.67m in the ball throw (fifth).

Debutant Archie Smith recorded 4.23m in second place in triple jump and won the ball throw with an effort measuring 14.44m.

In the under nine girls’ section, Leah Frick secured a treble, winning the 150m (28.3 secs), the triple jump (5.42m) and the ball throw (20.17m).

Frankie Walker was runner-up in the 150m (28.9 secs), third in the triple jump (4.15m) and second in the ball throw (11.15m).

After finishing third in the 150m (32.6 secs) Erin Norton cleared 3.90m in triple jump and achieved a distance of 10.44m in the ball throw.

Mia Clark-Atkins continues to show progress, producing a 4.55m triple jump and a ball throw measuring 8.78m after running 150m 36.3 secs.

In an under 13 girls’ throws development opportunity at the end of the programme, Aurelija Bociulyte achieved 17.75m in discus and 19.74m in hammer creating two PBs, and a good benchmark for future competitve throwing contests.