Harmon turns hunter for victory

Dylan Harmon with Owen Shaw and the Boston coaches.
Dylan Harmon with Owen Shaw and the Boston coaches.

Dylan Harmon clamed a unanimous victory against opponent Owen Shaw on Saturday night.

The Boston Amateur Boxing Club fighter travelled to Mansfield to meet Shaw, of Langwith ABC.

From the first bell Shaw was fast out of the traps trying to exert pressurised attacks on Harmon. Boxing at range and using his footwork, Harmon was able to pick the Nottingham fighter off and pivot to move away from danger.

The second was a closer round in the opening minute, Harmon beginning to engage more as Shaw tried to stay with the Boston man, who was going through the gears.

Fatigue began to set in and suddenly the tables turned.

Harmon was now the hunter, not giving Shaw respite.

In the final seconds he got the breakthrough he was looking for, a big right hand bolting Shaw’s head back as the ref moved in for a standing eight count.

In the final round, Harmon had the measure of his man and was catching Shaw with some impressive punches, beginning to turn on the style.

The referee again stepped in to administer another count after another meaty shot hit home.

A unanimous win was awarded to the Boston lad who can be pleased of his controlled performance.