IBC set pace at top of bowls league with two maximums

Sue Hoyles.
Sue Hoyles.

Di Wilson rounds up this week’s Boston Indoor Bowls League action...

IBC are sitting at the top of the Orchard Health Group Division One.

It is early days but they have maximum points in the top berth.

Matched against promoted Breakaways, they triumphed 43-23.

Defending champions Eastenders were playing Holland Fen and they had to be happy with four points and an overall win of 39-36.

The two points the Fenmen won came from the bowls of Bazza Wilson, George Hardstaff and Jim Gott, who won 25-18.

Carlton Road finished the week in second spot when they secured a 41-29 result against Jolly Farmers.

Sue Hoyles posted a winning scorecard for the Farmers but it was to no avail.

Invaders took the extra points from Punchbowlers with a success of 41-26.

Parthians and A40 also shared the rink points a close game ensued but A40 triumphed 38-30.

Red 5 and Boston Park shared the rink points and also the aggregate with a tied 35-35 game.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Royal Mail Nomads and Strollers are all on 10 points but the Mail have the top spot on shot difference.

Playing against the Burtons, the Mail did not have it all their own way and only won by one shot overall, the result being 36-35.

Nomads secured a good result against Central, winning 44-26.

The Strollers shared the rink points with Poachers, but Mick Hippisley steered his rink to a win of 26-15, good enough for the additional points and an overall team win of 34-30.

Cosmos secured a win against Dynamics with a margin of 37-22.

Golfers, playing their first game of the season, picked up all the points and a win of 38-28 against Autos.

The hot favourites for the Cammacks Division Three title are the Pilgrims.

Playing against U3, they had a very convincing 47-19 win.

Phantoms versus Hotspurs should have been all six for the former but if you drop a big count on the penultimate end you can see the points drift away, and that is what happened, Hotspurs snatching two points against the odds.

Vectors and Fairways shared the rink points with Vectors winning the game overall 31-28.

The Saxons versus Bias game saw one rink tied and a 15 -12 for the Saxons, and a win by three shots overall.

Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and John Stray were in very good form for Vikings, helping the team to a 44-23 win against Shipmates.