Into the quarters of national competitions

Paul Flatters.
Paul Flatters.

Boston Indoor Bowling Club’s men’s and women’s teams have booked their places in the quarter finals of two national competitions.

In the Denny Plate the men’s team played against Barwell and triumphed 73-71.

Next up for them will be either Blackpool Newton Hall or Selby on January 19.

In the Yetton Plate, the ladies’s team beat Church Gresley 81-75 and will face either Eden (Cumbria) or Harrogate, also January 19.

The Boston Marstons Brewery Christmas Tournament was won by favourites Liam Reeson, Adam Hodgson, Paul Flatters and Richard Vinter.

Bazza Wilson’s quartet were runners-up with Arnold Bennett’s team third.

In the Boston Indoor Bowls League’s Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One, Eastenders remains six points clear at the top .

They won all six points from their game against A40, Paul Flatters triumphing 17-10 and Richard Vinter beating Bennett 19-13.

Second-place Carlton Road beat Jolly Farmers as Andrew Limb, Geoff Parker and Chris Gill (21-11) and the Clark-Shaw-Feary trio, who pipped David Allen 19-15, won.

Parthians would be very pleased to win on both rinks against the Strollers, Keith Nix (15-14) and Phil Markham (18-12) doing the damage.

Holland Fen moved one point ahead of opponents IBC when they recorded a 4-2 success. The rink points were shared but Brian Boucher won 24-18, which covered the reply from Pete Stringfellow (14-18).

Punchbowlers ended last year by beating A40 but returned from the Christmas break to lose to bottom team Red 5, who secured all the points through Margaret Daubney, Neil Owen and Bob Lody (22-15) and Colin Price, Mandy Cook and Ian Smith (19-18).

Royal Mail dropped to the bottom when lost against third-place Invaders, skips Ian Tebbs and Rod West winning 19-13 and 25-8 respectively.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, second-placed Boston Park were on a bye week and leaders Nomads claimed all six points against mid-table Poachers.

Ken Burr, Di Cuppleditch and Mel Maddison won 19-8 and Barry Beagles won 26-13.

Breakaways moved up to fourth spot with a win against Vikings. Derek Butwright, Sally Harper and Gordon Gallichan just won 24-23 while Jan Currie, Ann Jackson and Ivan Dilley edged it 19-17.

Cosmos slipped from third to fifth as Dynamics won 39-19 overall.

Golfers moved into third position with a 4-2 success against Patriarchs, who were a man short and paid the price.

David Marshall took advantage with a win of 34-9, which covered the reply from Alan Woods (14-20).

Autos beat Feathers as Jeff Homewood tied with Brian Sansam 16-16 and Chris Avison, Tom Freeston and Bernard Skelton won 22-13.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Amateurs fell to Shipmates with an overall result of 28-34 and Central defeated the Fairways.

Brian Hunn lost 16-17 to Carol Nundy but Central captain Fred Epton posted a winning scorecard of 23-10 for the aggregate points.