Invaders remain in the hunt for top two

Scott Whyers EMN-140218-081218001
Scott Whyers EMN-140218-081218001

There were no surprises in the Orchard Orthotics Health and Foot Care Division One as leaders Eastenders and nearest rivals Carlton Road both picked up maximum points.

Enders maintained their 11-point advantage while third-place Invaders also picked up six points when they defeated Jolly Farmers.

Nathan Dunnington, Sandra Tebbs and Scott Whyers took control of the game in the latter stages to win 21-13 for Invaders, while Janet Whyers, Pete Hoyles and Ian Tebbs squeezed home 16-11.

IBC versus A40 saw the former collecting all of the points with an overall success of 46-28.

The closest game of the night saw Parthians claim a one-shot victory over Red 5.

For Red 5, Margaret Daubney, Mandy Cook and Bob Lody won 20-12, but this was surpassed by Phyl Bourne, Elaine Edmonds and Phil Markham, who set off really well. Gradually, Yvonne Smith closed the margin down but the Parthians trio finished strongly to succeed 21-12.

Punchbowlers’s Iris Reeson, Bunny Reeson and Dave Gill made sure of the aggregate points in their game against Strollers with a win of 32-8.

Meanwhile, Alex Seaton, Alan Warne and Alan Everitt (Strollers) were trailing 7-13 to Ian Drury but scored 13 shots to four in reply and picked up two very useful points with a win of 20-17.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, Boston Park gave their aspirations for promotion a boost this week when they moved into second spot.

Matched against Vikings, they had an overall success of 40-16 for all six points, but Breakaways on a bye week and two points adrift in third will be pushing them all the way.

Leaders Nomads, playing against Dynamics, saw two points drift away because Dynamics had their top man Jonathan West available.

He didn’t have it easy but secured two points for his team.

Nomads comfortably won the aggregate points as Barry Beagles triumphed 23-9.

Feathers and the Golfers shared the rink points but the Golfers claimed the aggregate points.

Jerry Gill, David Smith and David Marshall triumphed 21-8 for the Golfers.

Cosmos came up against a Poachers trio who were in great form, Grace Bristow, Denis Robins and Mick Dodes winning 29-10 for the additional points despite Andrew Dunnington succeeding 21-5 for the Cosmos.

The closest game was Patriarchs’s one-shot victory over fourth-placed Autos.

Michael Rate won 18-12 for the underdogs which covered the reply from Autos captain Dave Gardner (18-13).

There was a big result in the Cammacks Division Three this week when bottom team Phantoms defeated the Saxons, who were in second.

But after the loss they dropped to third.

Yvonne Heppenstall, Colin Heppenstall and Kevin Rockall, 16-1 ahead, triumphed 23-11.

The Boswell-Edwards-Kenworthy trio were 12-6 down but recovered to lead 19-12 and hang on to win 19-17.

Leaders Fairways widened the gap when they secured a maximum result against Bias.

Fairways skips Anthea Hall and Heather Scarboro earned wins of 15-13 and 28-9.

Central moved to second spot with a close result against Hotspurs.

Brian Hunn won 18-14 and Fred Epton, 18-7 ahead, hung on to win 18-16.

U3 were probably apprehensive about winning points against the Burtons, who were in third spot before the start of play, but they had no need to be as they triumphed on both rinks.

Dave Fox had a 24-8 win and Peter Copeland succeeded 21-10.

Phoenix and Amateurs finished closely but it was the Phoenix who nicked the aggregate points.

Gordon Neal won 19-11 for Phoenix, which beat the reply of 22-15 from Mick Greet, a close one shot victory for Phoenix.