Kirkman joins dad Keith in elite band of pigeon fanciers after winning North Road Championship

Andy Kirkman.
Andy Kirkman.

Fifty-three-year-old Freiston pigeon fancier Andrew Kirkman has joined a small but elite number of local followers of the sport in winning a race organised by the prestigious North Road Championship Club.

His winning bird from the 412-mile race from Thurso puts him on the NRCC honours list alongside his late father Keith who, in partnership with Mick Mooney, won from Saxa Vord, a distance of 543 miles, back in 1998.

Andrew still includes his father’s name in his loft partnership and, locally, competes in Boston Central RPC, where Keith was a successful fancier for many years.

The Thurso win came in a particularly testing race when the winning velocity was 1054 yards per minute.

The NRCC was formed in 1901 for the express purpose of giving fanciers from a large area of the country the opportunity to enjoy long distance racing.

The Thurso-winning bird was bred by another Boston fancier, Tim Appleby.

A total of 146 members sent 1,127 birds to what was the last old bird race of the season, and Andrew was also the winner in Peterborough and District Federation of Homing Societies.

The young bird season has started for Boston and District Flying Club as follows:

Wetherby – 1 Gough and Reed 1249, 2, 3 and 4 Frost and Spooner 1229, 1227 and 1197, 5 A. Newton and Son 1177, 6 Gough and Reed 1167, 7 Hardy and Burt 1158, 8 Gough and Reed 1153, 9 and 10 Newton and Son 1146 and 1116, 11 Hardy and Burt 1090, 12 Mr and Mrs E. Attwater 1075.

Bubwith – 1 Frost and Spooner 1237, 2 Mr and Mrs Attwater 1176, 3 and 4 Frost and Spooner 1173.940 (2), 5, 6 and 7 Mr and Mrs R. Skinner 1121, 1120 and 1119, 8 and 9 Mr and Mrs Attwater 914 and 918.

Sedgefield – 1 Hardy and Burt 1090, 2 and 3 Frost and Spooner 1058 and 1052, 4 Hardy and Burt 1024, 5 Frost and Spooner 1008, 6 Hardy and Burt 1003, 7, 8 and 9 A. Newton and Son 958, 954 and 949.