Leg op for Wilson

Ben Wilson.
Ben Wilson.

Kirton racer Ben Wilson returned to Addenbrooks last Monday for a further operation on his badly broken femur.

He broke the leg in an accident during practice for the North West 200 races in Northern Ireland and was flown to Addenbrooks to see a top surgeon, who is confident he can bring Wilson back to full fitness.

The surgeon has opened up the wound and attached some metal work to each end of the bone so that he can turn the screw four times a day to stretch the bone.

Wilson needs to stretch the upper part of the femur by about 16cm so that it will meet the other end of the bone to enable it to fuse together.

It certainly won’t be a quick fix as this will take up to nine months to achieve.

After his operation, Wilson explained: “This is day one of growing my leg bone back, 249 days to go.

“My surgeon is working really hard is make my leg as good as it was before my accident.

“When the X-ray staff says they have never seen as much metal in one leg before, you know he has done a good job.

“It’s a new type of metalwork instead of a cage all the way around my leg and I now have to move a part four times a day for nine months.

“I need to grow 16cm of bone and they are confident that 1mm of bone will grow in a day.

“I think there is a bit more to it than that but that’s it in simple terms.

“It’s a long road to recovery, but I am determined to be match fit as soon possible.”

Wilson returned home last Wednesday, just two days after the pioneering surgery and, although it will be a long and painful road to recovery, he is determined to see it through.