Mickie on road to recovery

Mikie Simpson. FYaxFfAKj_ZwKh0VpyvW
Mikie Simpson. FYaxFfAKj_ZwKh0VpyvW

Mickie Simpson is on the mend after being taken to hospital following an off on Saturday.

The Wrangle youngster was in speedway action at Redcar, taking part in British Young Lions demo races, when he went to ground before being run over by another competitor.

He was given the all-clear to return home after having X-rays on his neck, spine and pelvis.

“Just left hospital. X-rays and everything done and all looks good,” he wrote on social media on Saturday.

“Just heavy bruising and swelling and will probably struggle to walk in the 

“Thanks for everyone’s concerns and support after the incident.”

Meanwhile, Kirton speedway rider Simon Lambert has joined the Newcastle Diamonds for the 2019 season.