Mickie’s Ledbury victory ahead of the British champs

Mickie Simpson at Ledbury. G5Lm_NKat8n5k3aZjm3v
Mickie Simpson at Ledbury. G5Lm_NKat8n5k3aZjm3v

Teenage speedway rider Mickie Simpson has been busy preparing for this weekend’s grasstrack British Championships, which will be held at Wood Walton, near Peterborough.

The four-hour trip to compete in the Ledbury Flyer proved to be a fruitful one on his Jawa 250.

Mickie, from Wrangle, managed to race unbeaten all day to win his class convincingly and also be named as the Western Centre champion in his class, a culmination of rounds throughout the year.

Mickie returned to speedway last Friday.

He got off to a great start in second behind fellow British youth rider Jordan Palin, leading Leicester’s Dan and Joe Thompson.

He held off his rivals until on the third lap where Mickie’s bike lost speed.

Upon inspection, it was discovered his engine is in need of a total rebuild at a cost of around £700, his third this year.

Due to this, Mickie and his family have decided that the speedway will have to be put on hold for the rest of the season, allowing them to prepare for next year where Mickie is hoping to get into National League racing.