No ifs, but some butts for Upsall

Tommy Upsall.
Tommy Upsall.

Boston ABC boxers Blake Emmerson and Tommy Upsall ended 2015 with ring action in Stoke on Trent.

Emmerson looked trim in his new weight category after losing five kilos in the summer.

The weight loss improved his boxing and gave him a more competitive edge.

This was Blake’s best bout to date, but he lost the unanimous verdict to the home town boxer.

Upsall found his opponent determined to win at all cost, taking a headbutt in the first round as both fighters were warned by the referee to keep their heads up.

Upsall was again butted in the second round, twice, and the referee had no choice but to deduct a point from the home boxer.

Going into the third round, Upsall was having to work at long range, which is not his style.

Once again, Upsall got into a close range exchange, but was again butted.

By this time the referee had seen enough and halted the contest in favour of Upsall, the winner by disqualification.