Penson records a huge personal best

Emma Penson.
Emma Penson.

A record number of athletes competed in the final match in the series of 2019 Turnbull Tommy Clay Track and Field Development events last Friday evening.

Club representatives from Norfolk and Humberside joined Lincolnshire athletes at the Tommy Clay Track for the final programme of the 2019 summer season.

At senior/veteran level, Ollie Tiainen won both the men’s 200m (27.6 secs) and the triple jump (10.87m).

In the 3,000m, Emma Penson (vet 40) recorded a huge personal best time of 13 mins 54.7 secs.

Helen Tooley (vet 45) won the hammer with 21.69m and the javelin (14.23m), while Colin Pattinson (vet 50) showed further improvement in the men’s hammer (19.70m).

Under 17 Gold Top Clara Dunbavin clocked 32.5 secs in the 200m, 14 mins 19.8 secs in the 3000m and also contested the javelin (8.28m).

Three Boston and District AC under 15 girls recorded encouraging performances.

Megan Reid won the high jump with a 1.35m PB, finished fourth in the javelin (6.98m) and completed her first 800m in 3 mins 19 secs.

Georgia Ward won the javelin (16.17m) and Alex Frick cleared 1.05m for third in high jump and claimed fourth position in the combined age group 800m (3 mins 12.0 secs).

Seven BADAC representatives challenged events on the track and in the field in the under 13 age group. Jessica Frick finished second in the combined under 13 and 15 800m (2 mins 59.3 secs), cleared 1.05m for fifth in the high jump and threw the javelin (8.74m).

Eleanor Lyddiatt recorded 15.5 secs for third in the 100m and competed in the combined javelin (4.83m).

Evie Milner finished eighth in the 100m (20.0 secs) and clocked 4 mins 16.0 secs in the 800m.

Hammer debutant Jess Newlin threw 11.82m and she recorded 45.9 secs over 200m and Zara Holland cleared 1.05m in high jump, clocked 16.8 secs for sixth in the 100m and finished third in the combined javelin (9.38m).

In the boys’ events Joel Blaydon won the 100m (16.7 secs) and finished seventh in the javelin.

Hayden Quantrill claimed runners-up place in both 100m (16.9 secs) and javelin (9.48m) and crossed the finish line sixth in the combined 800m (3 mins 33.4 secs).

Four under 11 Gold Tops featured on Friday evening, with Jack Clark-Atkin securing treble, winning the 75m Metres (12.8 secs), standing triple jump (5.17m) and ball throw (31.57m).

Bradon Butler was fourth in the combined standing long jump (3.36m) and recorded 11.61m for sixth in the ball throw and 3.36m (fourth) in standing triple jump.

In the girls’ section, Lea Frick won the combined 600m in 2 mins 31.9secs, finished second in the combined ball throw (26.20m) and clocked 12.8secs for fourth position in the combined 75m.

Issy Reid claimed a good second place in the combined standing triple jump (4.76m), achieved third position in the combined ball throw (14.99m) and recorded 13.8secs for fifth in the 75m.

At under nine level, Devan Quantrill secured two victories and a second place with firsts in the boys’ 50m (9.4 secs) and 80m (15.5 secs) and runner-up position in the vortex throw (13.94m).

Damian McNally matched teammate Devan’s achievements with wins in vortex (14.41m) and combined standing triple jump (4.15m), following a second in the 50m (9.5 secs).

Noah Donnelly-Coles was third in both 80m (16.0 secs) and vortex throw (11.79m) and fourth in the 50m (9.8 secs).

In the under nine girls’ section, Leah Holland was second in the vortex (12.12m) and fourth in both the 80m (16.5 secs) and the combined standing triple jump (3.67m) and Amelia Bladon secured three thirds in 50m (10.2 secs), 80m (16.0 secs) and combined triple jump (3.69m).

Lumin Myers finished second in the 80m sprint (14.8 secs), fourth in the 50m (10.5 secs) and fifth in the vortex throw (7.78m).

Erin Norton claimed third place in the vortex 10.26m, fourth in the 50m (10.5 secs) and fifth in the 80m (16.9 secs).

Mia Clark-Atkin was fourth in vortex (8.73m), fifth in the combined standing triple jump (3.42m) and seventh in the 50m (11.2 secs).

The winter season of Boston and District AC promotions opens on Saturday, when the first of the monthly junior sportshall athletics competitions will be held at the B-Hive Indoor Athletics Training Centre in Punchbowl Lane.

With a range of events for boys and girls in the under nine, 11, 13 and 15 age groups, registration is at 9.30am in preparation for the first event at 10am.