Plenty of 180s in Premier

Dave Hasnip. ENGEMN00120110505164631
Dave Hasnip. ENGEMN00120110505164631

There were plenty of 180s in the Boston Darts League’s BSC Premiership on Friday.

Joby Booth picked off two on his way to a good 4-1 win over Sam Dawson, while Ady Parker also hit a 180 and checked well under pressure to beat Jamie Robson 4-2.

Dave Hasnip also picked up a maximum as he saw off Chris Royal 4-0.

Meanwhile, Debra Royal checked well to win 4-0 against Anthony Bennett and Darren Aucote remained on good form to beat Andy Cammack 4-2.

In the Pizza Perfection Championship, Jamie Barnes just bettered Ben Bagley in a seven-legger.

Bagley was back on to face Mark Baily and checked well to win 4-0.

A series of 4-1 results saw Ali Baker beat Rob Cade, Darren Emmerson get the better of Kev Lenton and Pete Grooby brush aside both Ali Baker and Harry Lee.

In a contest which could have gone either way, Mick Flynn beat Paul Grainger 4-2.

A 77 finish sent Brian Wilkinson on his way to a good 3-2 win over Shaun Denmead in the All Sports Trophies and Engraving Division Two.

Jake Lammyman then beat Denmead 3-0.

Further 3-0 scorelines saw Jimmy Birtwhistle beat Rob Scrupps and Luke Cammack get the better of Sophie Marston, who also lost 3-1 to Phil Hunt.

Matt Grant beat Wally Almond and Phil Burman beat Luke Cammack, both by a 3-1 scoreline.

In the C&C TV Division Three, Emma Grant beat Dennis Turner 3-0, the same score which saw Boby Birtwhistle overcome Suzy Watson.

Birtwhistle also beat Lou Turner 2-1.

Di Hunt beat Liz Chapman 2-1.